April 25, 2018

Working in retail I know was more psychologically demanding rather than physically, Most people may not agree, but I think having to deal with providing customer service takes a toll on you. Human interactions are often based on emotional connections, so you had to always be happy no matter what was going on around you in order for the customer to feel happy. I know I had to do some physically demanding labor but never anything extreme: put a few shoes away, fold some t-shirts and put together a few skateboards, nothing major. I was more mentally exhausted at the end of my shift then physically exhausted.


I know for sure that it shows I was apart of the middle working class. Those who were wealthy enough not to have a job never had to go through the mental exhausted that a 12 hour Black Friday shift brought. Those who are also apart of higher classes were able to focus more on schoolwork and seemed to have better grades than I did. My parents taught me that school always came first because education in this country is important, but an unspoken rule we both shared was that I had to also put work before study time because we needed the extra financial support.


April 18, 2018

I’m from San Jose and for the longest time all the homeless people in the Bay Area lived in Oakland and San Francisco. I wasn’t used to seeing homeless people all the time, but over the past 5 years there have been growing numbers of the homeless population. There have been multiple beggars on the streets and large encampments underneath the freeways. All of this came as a surprise to me considering that San Jose was considered to be a well off city. As the encampments began to grow and San Jose’s popularity, Google decided to buy out a large area of Downtown San Jose to create Googleville: a neighborhood solely for it’s employees. Silicon Valley, and google, have a specific image to uphold to, so Google kicked out all the homeless people downtown and near the freeways, forcing them to spread out across the city or travel to a new one. Recently (over the past 4 months) there have been a lot less homeless people in San Jose than there has ever been before. Matthew Desmond address the issue of affordable housing for the homeless, and I think San Jose tries to relate to that but truly can’t. The people of San Jose do not want to see those people living in tiny homes near their schools, even if it is for a good cause. Regardless of what’s happening for affordable housing, San Jose will not fall in line with it.


April 9, 2018

  • meet up Wednesday to record our major descriptions
  • Meet up on Thursday to record a video response from a professor
  • Record footage of each hall after 2:30pm on Thursday
  • put together for Friday rough draft
  • work on the weekend to put together final draft

April 4, 2018

video essay


  • lots of visuals
  • good tone of voice, soothing
  • quotes that related to the topic of the video
  • emphasis on specific words
  • good pace, not rushed
  • acknowledged the sponsors at the end of video
  • background music
  • background research on topic
  • guiding us through the visual processes
  • good editing, smooth transitions
  • interesting title

March 26, 2018

Critiquing education


Class has not played as big of a role in my education as I would think it would have. Looking back on my life, I know I come from a working middle class family that was financially stable enough to put me into a good elementary, middle school and high school. The one part of my class has effected me in is college, it was not until I started my first semester that I realized how much money my family does not have. It took a toll on my parents when I bough my textbooks, and it took them a long time to figure out how they were going to make my tuition payments. We came to the agreement that because USF gave me a lot of grant money, that they would pay the excess amount of my tuition so long as I got a new job so I can help pay the bills at home.


My culture and race have lead me to be enrolled in very diverse schools. For elementary and middle school I attended Adelante Dual Language Academy, where everything is thought in Spanish and only a select few subjectives are taught in English. This way every child there can grow up to become bilingual. All the other students who went there were either lower working class or very poor, and almost all of them were illegal immigrants from Mexico, but all of us were Latinos. Growing up in that school taught me to embrace my culture a lot more than I would have done if I attended different schools. I felt at ease and content so learning on my own became easy, I was never compared or felt out of place; every student was on the same wave length and we all worked together.


March 9, 2018

Wikipedia Controversial Topic


Abortion is a very controversial and highly sensitive topic of conversation to many. Whether it’s because you don’t believe in it due to you being conservative, or you agree in prochoice/abortion rights because you’re more of a liberal, the conversation can escalate and quickly get out of hand. Knowing that the resources on Wikipedia talking about abortion come from various anonymous sources doesn’t change the way I view my own thoughts on abortion, much rather changes the way I view Wikipedia’s thoughts on abortion. I have to be extra cautious about how I read into it/view the statements and “facts”, it may be more one sided or biased and give the wrong idea to readers so they can lean a certain way. These end up being both the pros and cons: there are many different inputs to cover a variety of abortion processes, the only downside being the information may be one sided.


March 5, 2018

Reimagining Educational Practices

USNEWS.com had a list of all the universities in the United States and ranked them on an overall scale from the most pristine to the least. Comparing University of California at Berkeley, with an instate tuition of $14,098 (solely for classes), they have a financial aid average which is about $17,000. Regarding as to why it was ranked at number 21, I was not sure because the website did not specify. Princeton University was ranked #1 in National Universities, Best Undergraduate Teaching and Best Value School. They tuition and fees start at $47,140, but even though that’s the starting price, they have a 100% ranking of financial aid being met. Princeton’s class sizes are less than 20 students, they have a 89% 4 year graduation rating, and their faculty to student ratio is 5:1. The small campus allows for intersectional connections to be made amongst students and faculty so that they can excel in every subject.


Every one knows of both UC Berkeley and Princeton, but what separates the two is elitist perspective. Cal has about an acceptance rating of 16% while Princeton only has 7%. The vast difference makes for the students who attend each University to be the “best of the best”. Those who live in less advantageous communities and aren’t offered the proper learning tools/environment don’t have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in order to even think of applying to these schools. There is no effort being made to help children and adolescents push forward or become motivated to ignore their negative working environment and do all they can to “get into Princeton”.


Reference List:



March 2, 2018

Aaron, Brandon, Brandi


Aaron- My thanksgiving is closely related to the first picture. The family being gathered together and having the “abuelos” cook the meals, the moms and tias would serve everyone while all the men and children sit at the table. The picture that least resembles my experience is the anxiety filled picture.

Brandon- The animated drawing of the wrongly cooked food most resembles his Thanksgiving dinner. The food consists of a pot luck type gathering, lots of alcohol and a lot of yelling. The religious looking picture is the one least like his family gathering.

Brandi- Mom’s side of the family with thanksgiving is closely related to the first picture, just not as fancy. There’s only a few people though. Dad’s side of the family for thanksgiving is usually trying to go out, it’s more of a casual day rather than holiday.



February 26, 2018

Food and Social Class


Generally my family eats Puertorican food because thats who we are, but there are times when my family will indulge in asian cuisine because of the fact that the Bay Area is populated by so many asians, their culture is obviously spread onto almost every piece of the area out here. We learned to love it, but our dinner table will always consist of Puertorican food.

By means of social status I would say that Puertorican food is relatively low, there’s not as many Puertoricans as there are Mexicans in the Bay Area. We are seen as a minority within a minority, exotic, outnumbered, and in some cases frowned upon. Everyone expects for it to be “Mexican food” and are shocked and disappointed when they realize it is not something they are familiar with. It can have a bad connotation to those who are not already familiar with my culture. Cultural status is at an equilibrium; everyone on the island of Puerto Rico eats the same food, so whether you’re there or in California it doesn’t matter what you eat because you’re all one in the same.

Eating habits I would say differ from most American households. I was always raised to eat every single meal on my kitchen table with he entire family, we were not to have any electronics out or take our attention away from each other. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were a time to spend talking to each other and bonding, it is disrespectful to eat anywhere but the kitchen table. As a child I always thought that was common, I figured all of my friends (regardless of their ethnicity) did this, but soon realized I was wrong. I learned that a lot of people eat in different parts of their house, don’t talk to one another, or even eat in their room which was a HUGE no in my house.