January 29, 2018

Group: Aaron, Vanessa, and Yiang

Transgender people are those whose identity differs from the one they were assigned at birth. It is very common for transgender people to go through a process called transitioning. This is not seen in every transgender person, but it is almost always the case. Transitioning may include changing your name, pronouns and style of dress. Physiological changes include starting hormones, whether it’s testosterone for an FTM (female to male) or estrogen for an MTF (male to female). Some transgender people are also transsexual, meaning they go through a surgical process to change their genitals to the gender they identify as.

People don’t accept and respect transgender persons several years ago, and transgender people always feel stressed and nervous when telling people they are transgender people. However, as the time goes by, transgender and gender nonconforming people are becoming more accepted in mainstream society, so more and more people will not feel afraid to get a transgender surgery anymore. Also, there are multiple ways to help transgender people to thrive in the community, it is easy to find different websites to help transgender people, or some authors write books about transgender people. Compare to ten years ago, all kinds of these things can let they thrive in the community.

Transgender people have had to go through great lengths throughout the years to fight for health care, legal rights, and protection against harassment. As stated on the Human Rights Campaign website transgender people still face the dilemma that there here is still no specific non-discrimination law that includes gender identity. Furthermore, they point on how “only 18 states and the District of Columbia prohibit employment and housing discrimination based on gender identity; only 17 states and the District of Columbia prohibit discrimination based on gender identity in public accommodations; and only 15 states and the District of Columbia prohibit discrimination based on gender identity in education” (Human Rights Campaign). Transgender people not only have to face social barriers but are faces with legal ones as well. A very common situation that transgender people face is the issue of changing their name to match their gender, or even more challenging is the matter of identification not matching. Trivial things like traveling and registering for school are made up to impossible without accurate identification. Transgender people also face many problems when it comes to the topic of healthcare, not only is it because some of the medical procedures are new but there is still a negative biased against transgender people because many people feel that these are unnecessary cosmetic procedures. As the Human Rights Campaign states, “beyond facing barriers to obtaining medically-necessary health services and encountering medical professionals who lacked transgender health care competency, the NTDS found that almost 20 percent of respondents had been refused medical care outright because of bias” (Human Rights Campaign). While this may seem alarming most doctors are allowed to turn down these procedures as they chose which unfortunate too many transgender people have to face. While they have to go through emotional turmoil of being rejected by people in society there has also been a great jump in violence against the transgender community.


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January 26, 2018

Meaning of Name Assignment:

Aaron comes the Hebrew name Aharon, meaning “high mountain” or “exalted”. Aaron is also typically seen in Biblical Latin and Biblical Greek. According to Urban Dictionary though, Aaron means “a God amongst men”, which is pretty hard to live up to. I’m not completely sure why my name was given, but I can’t imagine being referred as anything else. Collazo comes from Rome, Italy. Collazo’s migrated to Puerto Rico, which is where my family is from, and soon began to prosper on the island. There’s not many Collazo’s in Italy anymore and if there are, they spell the name differently and pronounced it distinctly as well. Regarding it’s meaning, I found some interesting responses; Collazo can either mean “servant” or it means “cheerful” and “friendly”.


I was never embarrassed by my name growing up, I’m proud of my name’s roots and culture it represents, and I have the same name as that funny video “A-A-Ron”. The only time I ever experienced some teasing on my name was when I was in elementary school, some kids would call me “Collazo Payaso”, which means Clown Collazo. Aside From that I’ve never had any embarrassing moments with my name.


I’ve never changed my name or adopted a new name, I plan on keeping it the way it is.



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