February 9, 2018

Free writing Essay 1


From a young age, around 4 and 5, I experienced discrimination within my own community. As a Latino, the stereotypical image one would think if is a dark or brown skinned individual, wavy or curly hair, and speaks perfect Spanish. I am bilingual and biliterate, meaning I can speak, read and write in Spanish; I have short wavy hair, but I have fair/lily white skin. Growing up, none of my friends believed me when I would say I was Mexican (I’m half Mexican and half puertorican); them being paisas and very dark complected, they would joke that I’m just some white kid. Logically they knew I was Latino but for some reason they never truly accepted me, I was always ostracized and isolated. Never seeming to fit in amongst those who I had a true connection with. It wasn’t until I started to embrace my Puertorican heritage whole heartedly, and introducing myself as such that people began to believe me. Not many people know exactly what a Puertorican looks like, so when they hear that you claim to be one, it’s common for people to just believe you. I found a sudden change amongst my friend group as they learned I was Puertorican. All of them were either amazed or told each other, “I knew it, that makes sense!”. Still, it always bugged me that know one accepted me as a Mexican and only liked me as a Puertorican. As time went on and I grew up and went to middle school and high school, I started to become depressed. I realized that the entire Latino community’s first reaction to me was rejection until I claimed to be Puertorican, everyone still saw me as “that white kid”; this pushed me to always have to prove my worth, I had to be more extra Latino so that my community could accept me and not mistake me as someone I wasn’t. High school was tough for me and made finding friends difficult; the asians at my school only hung out with each other, the white people rejected me because they knew I was Latino, and the Latinos rejected me because they thought I was white. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn to.


Regarding the topic of Literacy Narratives, I think they tend to be very introspective.


  • Ostracized amongst Latinos
  • Puertorican heritage
    • Acceptance
    • Preference
  • Paisa
    • Describe what one is
  • depression began at a young age
  • Separation from Mexicans lead to slowly losing my bilingualism
    • Friend group became mainly African Americans
  • Introspection
    • What did I learn about myself?
    • Who am I?
    • How did this make me feel?



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