February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch In


I’ll be writing about my experience being a white looking Latino and how isolating it was for me to be rejected from my own community, and also the community others claimed I looked like (Latino and White). The essay will start off by going into depth about how deep my Latino roots go and then transition into my experience being isolated, and then completely shutting out one side of me and only embracing the other.

The tensions and conflicts are both internal and external. I will be dealing with a lot of cognitive dissonance, that being me thinking and believing in one way but acting in another. This will mainly end up revolving around my pride of being Mexican, but acting like I’m not in order to be accepted. My progression of conflicts often times end up being more internal because I was ashamed of who I was, for how I looked, and how I let people treat me even till this day.

I have a lot of Latino cultural understanding to offers and some focus on colorism. Colorism is being prejudice of someone based on how dark or light their skin tone was, it is a byproduct of racism but is in no way anything less. My experience with racism in regards to caucasian culture and Latino culture are very different, but the hate I got with colorism was generally the same; I was pushed away from those I wanted to find common ground with and excluded with those who I identified as. Overcoming both shows perseverance and the learning experience of  emotional strength.



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