March 29: In-Class Writing (Timothy, Wendy, and Abelle)

  • Main features of a “traditional/modern family” + Charen’s picture of “modern family”
    • Economic Independence
      • Usually it is the man who works for the whole family. However the percentage of women working outside the house is increasing.
    • Relationship between man and woman
      • It is “traditionally” known that a family is starts between a man and a woman.
  • “Traditional family” in our culture
    • Timothy: Because of the one-child policy, the child will be taken care of by the parents. Usually, the husband also works while the wife stays in the house and does housework. However, it is also common for both the parents work outside, while the grandparents take care of the child.
    • Wendy: Both of my parents work, but my father works harder. However, they take care of me equally even though they have a lot of work.
    • Abelle: My father works hard for my whole family. But because I have six sisters, and they are much older (35 and above), they also work by their own and also some work for my father. So everyone in my family is independent, and women working in a family for me is very common.


  1. http://www.sociologydiscussion.com/family/modern-family-what-are-main-features-of-a-modern-family/2324


  • How are gender roles changing on your culture/society? (Second question)
    • Women and men have been equal recently. People have been allowing more women to work instead of them being at home and doing the housework and taking care of the children.
    • Same-sex marriage is also more allowed to be approved. Even same-sex marriages can raise a child as well and as much as heterosexual marriages.
    • In Solnit’s essay, it is said that a man is more dominant than the woman. As he is independent of himself, and need not ask his wife on what to do etc.
    • The modern marriage talks about equal marriage, such as same-sex marriages. Instead of it being just between a man and a woman.


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