24 April: In-Class Writing

The show that I choose to talk about is my favorite one that is called Game of Thrones. It falls under the fantasy and drama genre, and it is basically about how¬†Seven Kingdoms fight against one another for the Iron Throne. The role of women in the show varies a lot. Because, in the show the men actors are shown to deem women as low-class beings. However, the show itself displays the women as strong and intelligent people where they can defend themselves and they can speak up for themselves. Of course there are parts where they are being ridiculed, but in the end they would rise back up. An example would be Daenerys Targaryen, she is one of the last members of House Targaryen and she is the ‘Mother of Dragons’. She is currently the Queen of Mereen, and she really hates slavery so she goes around breaking slavery and saving people while recruiting them into her army. Obviously from this, the show has made a female “heroine” figure as someone who is strong and has good intentions. Which not a lot of shows have nowadays. Which is one of the reasons why I like Game of Thrones.



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