Idea Tricycle. Because. There are three. So.

  1. Though, contrary to the belief of the incoming administration, hard and fast trickle down economics seldom completes its cycle of monetary trickle down, it’s impossible to assume that the impacts of said administration will fail to saturate across socioeconomic lines. Second perhaps only to the President himself, the person whose credibility has been questioned most recently and with the most fervor is the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. Statistically bicycle usage within schools bears a correlation to the economic demographics of each school. Determining the credibility, or lack thereof, of Secretary DeVos will help determine possible shifts in public education culture, demographics, outlook, prospects and bicycle usage.

2. Greater gender diversity in a workforce stimulates greater development, innovation and production. With an ever worsening climate crisis, a relatively low GDP, societal, religious, and political turmoil, Egypt could use a healthy dose of innovation, diversification and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives. The growing trend of women on bikes is not only representative of the wind of change sweeping through Middle Eastern countries, pushing them forward towards greater standards of equality and acceptance, but signals the beginning of a movement that can begin to mend the climate impacts of major Egyptian cities.

3. For every possible action taken by humanity, there’s an attorney that specializes in litigating it when it eventually goes wrong. Cycling is no exception. The nature of biking, particularly in cities, lends itself to complicated arguments of liability when an injury occurs. In some cases the liability is held by the city, for irregularities or damages in roads and sidewalks resulting in a crash. In others, a driver may be found at fault and in others still, the cyclist themselves may be found accountable for damages. The moral I personally draw from every case of this kind that I’ve seen is HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, but the legal processes surrounding any type of injury liability case are fascinating, and in the case of bike accidents, often high stakes.

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