S4 outline

Preface: unlike the rest of my speeches I didn’t think of this speech in a five paragraph essay format, meaning none of the posts regarding it will be very coherent or reflect the speech in it’s entirety. From the moment I decided to talk about what I did, I knew it wasn’t something I could have down perfectly memorized or prepared. I knew I’d have the PowerPoint to keep me on track but I wanted the freedom to talk about whatever felt right in the moment without going up with a precise list of what I had to say. Sooo the outline is less of an outline and more like this:


Intro. Not about bikes- authenticity‚Äč + advocacy.

About me- finding the good.

Trauma as a tool.

Don’t really have a structured format mostly just don’t be an asshole because your past sucked and leave the world a better place than you found it?

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