Reason for choosing a particular resume

We choose to use the resume from the environmental science background. The major strengths of the this resume is that all the important information are highlighted in the beginning so that the employers  would not spend too much time to search the information. All the job responsibilities are mentioned well and precise, so no point of confusion.

The weakness includes use of not so strong starting words in the bullet points, Sometimes dates have not followed the same pattern.

We personally think that this resume can be a good example for those who are applying for their further education and are interested in teaching profession.

Looking inappropriateness in the resume

  • Personal contact information format has not followed a professional one like in the second one
  • More emphasized on education in the improved resume, and also the result was missing in the bad one.
  • In the good resume, the work experience was described in more details in a more organized form like mentioning the company name, work duration and the responsibilities than compared the bad one, which obviously make it easy to follow.
  • The inclusion of personal interest was unnecessary in the resume, while addition of activities was a good choice in case of the good resume
  • Addressing in the first person should have been avoided

Respond to comment on the previous two essays

I sometimes got confused about the gender of the author, which I think can be corrected by checking in the internet. Also there were some citation problems and that can be improved by more APA citation practice and I am already working on it. Then I was suggested to separate my own analysis from the article summary in the second essay and I was recommended to use separate paragraphs there. I mistakenly used semi colon between two sources, which again can be easily avoided by careful revise. Moreover, there were some problem with the reference in both of the essays, where in the first one I did not write them in alphabetical order and in the second one I used numbers in the reference.


Overall there were some common grammatical mistakes like problem with using proper tense, verbs and comma splice and I think I need to revise my work and check by the built-in grammatical mistakes in Microsoft word to reduce these grammatical problems. However, in both of the essays I was appreciated to effectively present my own reviews and coming up with good conclusions and recommendations.