January 26, 2018

Meaning of Name

Andessa Leilani De Santiago. The name given to me at birth of which the meaning and origin is partially unknown to me. My first name Andessa seems to have no definition, no evidence of existence on the internet, and I assume was made from a misspelling of the name Andressa. To help people remember my first name and spell it I like to tell them its a combination of the names Andrea and Vanessa and that my mum could not decide between the two. I do remember my mother telling me that when she was 7 months pregnant, she was eating dinner one time at the restaurant my grandpa was the chef at and she overheard a mother calling her daughter that. She said it appeared that they were German, but when I look it up, the name has no correlation to Germany whatsoever. My middle name, Leilani, is Hawaiian and means “a heavenly flower.” I do not quite know why she chose that one she just says it sounds pretty so there’s not much explanation there. My last name is two parts, De Santiago and that confuses some people sometimes. No, I am not from chile or chilean at all (I get that joke a lot). When I look it up, its origin appears to be from many places. It was a name that used to be given to a person or mixed cultures.

I love my name and have never been embarrassed by it. I sometimes go by the nickname Dess, but not because I’m embarrassed simply because it is easier to remember. My nickname is something my friends use and I kind of like it because it makes it a little less formal than my full name.



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