Essay 1 Free Writing

There are many things that have shaped my life and one is not more dominant than the other. I guess I feel that even though i was born and raised in the US i dont consider myself more american but sometimes people think so i mean i get from people that i dont look mexican and have been whitewashed but i wouldnt call that a struggle i mean ive never felt inequality or opposition bc of my race or anything so like , having troube with that aspect and to simply label myself as american isnt right either but i guess the reason im so well established and have had the priveleged life ive had falls because of the struggles of my grandpa and all that he did for his kids that now translate to me the story of my family begins with him i suppose so im gonna talk about him and explain how all his accomplishments and sacrifices got our family to where we are today



-Introduce my grandpa

-talk about his transition story


  • his story, struggles, jobs

– introduce mom and siblings

-talk about my life and how it helped and where i am now


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