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When I was younger i never thought that there actually was a difference between the two genders at all. What I can write about is the differences between the gender in Norway compared to America. What can also be done is that the country that has the most drastic views on women and compare them to Americas view on women. When has influenced my view on women has been movies and TV shows. Those two mediums have a large impact on all of the younger generations, and is therefor a very strong tool to persuade and change perceptions about people. My view on the gender roles has actually been changed during this semester for the better. I actually thought that there were large differences between the two genders, but a lot of it is just false information or altered. Women get paid “less” because of the occupations they choose, not because they are women. The general numbers and ideas we get are not centered on something specific, but is about the whole women’s workforce, only giving us the most interesting numbers to further politic or a different kind of agenda. From where I am from in Norway we have a very healthy look on the gender roles, all genders are almost truly equal. Women are in many cases seen as the smarter gender, and men are looked at as reckless in comparison. My mom and dad has always raised me to show respect no matter what type of gender I am speaking to, and I know that is not the case for everyone. How you are raised has a lot to do with how you act around people, and if your parents have very strong and negative views regarding a topic odds are you will end up with the same strong and negative views as well. I am born christian, and we have a very modest view on how women should be treated and the importance of them, something that is very nice. But not all religions are like this, many of them have an almost slave like view on women, something I find absolutely disgraceful.

Cluster of ideas 

  • The general difference between the two genders
  • Differences between Norway and America
  • What has influenced how I look at the different genders
  • How my views has changed over this year
  • How different religions look at the genders
  • How I was raised to have the views I have


Essay 4 paragraphs 

How the different genders are looked at is different from almost every single corner of the world. In America, there has always been fundamental differences in how women are looked upon in contrast to men. This difference spreads to the women’s work life, personal life and how they are generally perceived as human beings. Where I am from; Norway, we have close to no gender inequality, and we are one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the equal respect and opportunity for both genders. Is how Norway treats the genders something that can be accomplished by America and the rest of the world?

Countries are not the only thing that discriminates against women. Sadly, most of the inequality comes from fundamental believes in religion. Most religions except Christianity and Buddhism have a rather extreme and sometime aggressive view on how women should live and be treated. In many of the religions, women are almost slaves. They have to listen and do whatever the man tell them to do, something in my opinion is not a way to live the only life you have been given.


In the culture I come from it is not normal to live with your parents after a certain age. When going to college and a little bit after it is completely normal to live with your parents. You usually do until you are financially stable enough to live on your own. It is highly irregular in Norway to be a Boomerang kid, to move back to your parents after you have initially moved out of the nest.

When moving back to your parents at an old age you do not give support, you are in most cases more of a burden. In some cases there are of course exceptions to this; if your parents need support because of some kind of illness for example. But most of the times this is not the case. I do not think that boomerang kids are becoming a norm at all. I feel like it is actually becoming more and more un natural for the generations to do.

The reason that living with your parents at an old age is frowned upon is because it is looked at as “failing” in life. If you have to rely on your parents for housing, food and laundry you have essentially not managed to achieve what you have built towards your whole life. Being independent.



The photograph was taken by Jessica Rinaldi from the Boston Globe.

The photograph is of two little kids in a car, both seem distressed. They have gotten an eviction notice and had 30 days to get pack everything and get out of their home. The image touches on every part of ethos, pathos and logos. The writer establishes pathos with showing us that she was there and she have witnessed this situation first hand. The way she establishes pathos is with the photograph itself. Showing the two sad children in the car, with nowhere to go is something everyone would find sad. And finally, logos are established with her describing that they have had enough finally moving in to the car, ready to leave.

Alexander & Markus 11/17/17

  1. Students shouldn’t have to pay for vaccination because of the high tuition fee at USF.
  2. Illegal immigrants have higher chances of getting sick because of poor living conditions, therefor providing health care is imperative.
  3. The spotted owls in our area need protection because of the people who enjoy hunting them.
  4. Cigarette taxes should be raised because of the high risk of cancer, this would lower the consumption of cigarettes and create a lower percentage of cancer cases.
  5. Standardized testing increases the anxiety levels in students, therefor it needs to be removed.


The movie I am writing a review about is Iron Man. Iron man is a movie about a billionaire called Tony Stark. Tony Stark makes weapons that he sells to the government and to other countries at war. He is one of the most powerful men in the world and is portrayed as a good guy in the movie. In the movie, he makes an iron suit that makes him in to a super hero, he uses this suit to fight crime and make the world a better place.

In the movie, the supporting actor is woman named Penny. In the movie, she is Tony’s safety net. She is also the one that keeps everything he do organized and makes sure he has everything that he needs on track. She acts a little like a secretary in the movie, even though they end up getting romantic later in the movie.

I have mixed feeling about how Penny is portrayed in this movie. If you analyze her role closely you notice that she is far more than just a secretary. Penny is actually the one on the movie that has her life in order, and Tony’s. She is the one that holds everything together and is one of the strongest characters in the whole movie. I like that she i portrayed at powerful and smart in the movie, it is very empowering. But at the same time her power is a little hidden on the movie, and that seems almost intentional.


Activity 1

Was unhappy

Jonathan, is unhappy to have me as part of his family, for he resents he didn’t have both biological parents

Would complain

I try to know him better but he complains that I invade his privacy


As a newcomer, I got to understand that our relationship will require effort from both of us

Was friendly

It is not enough that I am friendly

Has to want us to

Jonathan also want us to be friends and I am not happy with the two of us being strangers

Activity 2

Loved to

Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loved to turn them into works of arts

She likes them

She likes them, but she prefers to find them in the ground.




Something here smells fishy

Let the cat out of the Bag

I have to let the cat out of the bag

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

I got the information straight from the Horse’s mouth

Get Off Someone’s Back

You have to get off Marku’s back, he is getting annoyed

String Someone Along

I am just stringing him along, I do not really care about him.


The article is about how hard it is to teach business to undergraduate students. As a solution the author of the essay created an eight-step international business research strategy. Liu’s (2017) talk about how “He developed these approaches to assist student research projects in an undergraduate class, but these steps can also be useful to business researchers outside of academia”(p. 42). In a business setting, research requests from clients are usually narrower in scope than those they get from students.


Liu, G. (2017). International business analysis empowered with research: International Business Analysis Empowered With Research, 41(5), 42-46. Online Searcher


A stereotype with Norwegians is that we are afraid of interacting with strangers, and that is kind of true to some degree. We value our personal space very much, that is why we do not like when strangers come to close. But the thing is that Norwegians are very extroverted, we just have to be befriended before we speak and come out of our shell. This means that when you meet a Norwegian it may seem like we look down on you, because of how we act naturally. We may be hard to get close too, but usually when you start speaking to us we love to keep the conversation going. This is probably one of the biggest stereotypes about us. And that polar bears roam free everywhere.



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