American dreamers are neglected in a way to be treated like criminals. As Floyd (2015) argues “The children are seen as American Dreamers who deserve the benefits of the act while their parents are undeserving of any help and are considered criminals” (p.184). As this statement shows, instead of treating these immigrants as loyal citizens, this act is merely inciting the toward violent activities.



Floyd, A. (2015). A “dream deferred: An exploration of the scarlet title “undocumented”. In D. Holler (ED.), Writing for a real world: A multidisciplinary anthology by USF students (pp. 180-191). San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco.


As illustrated in her essay, the issue of immigration is critical. According to Rogers (2015), “Carl Rogers, of course, was best known in the realm of Psychology, but his insights into empathic communication also apply to Rhetoric and Composition as well” (p. 23).

-Holler, D. (2015). Writing for a real world: Rhetoric and Language Department: Instructor’s comment. (pp. 180-183)


  1. Solange posted for the picture. The feather on her antique hat framed her face. She found the waist and collar of the dress a little confining.
  2. Before Benjamin applied for a job at Datacorp, he researched the company at the library. He wanted to be well prepared for the interview.
  3. Waiting for the tour bus, the family shivered on the windy corner. They had expected warmer weather on their summer vacation.
  4. Leland’s motorcycle is his prized possession; but he had to sell it to pay his college tuition.
  5. Because Olivia had never been surfing, she took lessons. She later felt ready to tackle the waves.
  6. Paolo has thinning hair, glasses and stooped shoulders; Everyone things he is a librarian, but he is a meteorologist at an Antarctic research station.
  7. Toni gives her son a generous allowance and does not expect any help around the house from him. But Toni’s brother expects his children to do chores if they want spending money.
  8. Dark clouds gather overhead, while trees toss in the wind, rain does not fall.
  9. Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents; she made it her responsibility to take her younger brother and sister to school.
  10. Using a sharp jerk of his wrist, Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet. His uncle taught him this trick when Simone was a child.

10/2/17 – Essay


Gonzalez’s essay “Technology Taking Over?

Short essays by Clive Thompson, and Henry David Thoreau (pg. 55-59)

Summarization of both essays, find connections between both of them

Do I agree with any of the points made in the different essays?

If I do, why?

If I do not, why?

Can I relate to any oft the themes talked about in the different essays?





Clinton support groups

  • 37% of white
  • 89% of black
  • 66% of latino
  • 65% of Asian
  • 56% other races
  • 74% of non white

Trump support groups

  • 57% of white
  • 8% of black
  • 28% of latino
  • 27% of Asian
  • 36% of other races
  • 21% of non white

Source: http://www.cnn.com/election/results/exit-polls

Int his poll 24558 people responded


My name is Greek, and it means “Defender of the people”. The reason my parent gave me the name is because if I was to turn out to be a girl I would be named Alexandra, and if not, Alexander. I have never been embarrassed by my name, because I have had no reason to be. My first name is the only thing that has meaning, my last name do not, and it has no correlation with anything else, so there is no way to bully my name.


The only thing I have found annoying with my name is here in America. My name has a Scandinavian letter in it, which is “‘ø” and that translates to “oe”, so my name becomes Bassoee, instead of Bassøe. When ever I go to the hospital or sign up for something here in America there is always confusion about my name. The reason being that I have two legal names in America, so you can basically say that I have changed my name in America, and the feeling I have towards it is annoyance.


“Bak skyene er himmelen alltid blå.”


This is a positive charged Norwegian phrase. Roughly it translates to “Behind the clouds the skies are always blue”, and the expression means that there is always something positive to look forward for, no matter how hard the things are right now, it is always hope on the other side.

Free writing

When class started this week i knew i had a hard one in front of me. Everything was just going to be hard, everything. RHET class told us we had an huge essay we needed to have done until Monday. Not enough with that, we also got more homework and I did not know what to do because i had so much to do. Then there was economics, we got even more homework, this huge task with the whole chapter. I did not know that this week would be that hard, and in addition i sleep very bad, and have been for the last two weeks, i do not know if it is because of the weather or it is because i miss home, either way i sleep bad, and it effects everything i do during the day. It is not cool when i have so much things i need to be in top shape for, therefor affecting my grades all across my classes.

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