Week 8: In-class writing activity

From the reading Amber Floyd’s,” A ‘Dream’ Deferred:An Exploration of the Scarlet Title ‘Undocumented'” I believe that our colleges and universities should decide to make education more affordable for all students. For instance, Floyd(2015) mentions how, “if the act is passed, institutions would then be forced to adjust in a way that benefits the students and provides them with the best way to learn regardless of their socio-economic background”(p.185). This is so important because if students have easier access to higher education due to colleges changing their tuition costs to benefit the student, then there worries of how to pay for college would no longer be a problem, and students will be more focused on enjoying learning to specialize in their respective major.



Floyd, A. (2015). A “dream” deferred: An exploration of the scarlet title “undocumented”. In D. Holler (Ed.), Writing for a Real      World: A multidisciplinary anthology by USF students (pp. 180- 191).  San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco.


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