Connecting Schools and The Home


Its dinner time at home and what is the first thing you ask your kids!?

“How was school?”, “What did you learn today?”

These sorts of questions are for parents to gain incite into their children’s educational lives, and also for kids to share their daily experiences with their families. This connection builds a stronger bond between the parent and the child and also the child’s engagement and connection between their home and school.

From the article, “The Beginners’ Guide to Connecting Home and School” by Tabitha Dell’Angelo, Here are 2 of the 5 steps to connecting home to student’s educational lives.

  1. Strengthening the bond between caregivers and children.
    1. Instead of asking the same typical question to your children, have them ask you about your childhood experience in school. Interviews are a great way for kids to learn about experiences that may be similar or different from their own. This connection between learning from other’s stories, encourages one’s own self to reflect and analyze their story. Next time you are at the dinner table, pause, change up your approach.
  2. Parental Homework!
    1. Homework for parents! A great way to make homework more fun and engaging for your students is to engage with parents as well. As a parent you want your child to work hard and through their homework. Home work is meant to enhance what was learned at school. Instead of making homework a solitary activity, prepare an assignment that engages both the student and the family.
    2. Examples taken from the web: Family Tree,  Dinner Assignment 

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