Presentation 001 // Reflection + Self-Assessment


With this being my first presentation for this class, I didn’t really set my standards that high. I wanted to just to do everything on the checklist and go up there and present, not really caring whether I did that great of a job or not. However, I feel like one thing I did well for this presentation was with the visual aspect. I think that the slideshow or powerpoint I had in the background really helped me with staying on track and giving the audience an idea of what I wanted to talk about. I also think that my slideshow was visually appealing, which is a bonus.

I think that one thing I would have liked to do better was the actual talking aspect of the presentation, or the delivery. I practiced my presentation and felt like I had it down during rehearsal, but when I got in front of the class I kind of just blanked out. Everything came out in a jumbled mess. Even though I think everything came out in a jumbled mess, I think I conveyed the information I wanted to, to the audience.

This presentation kind of helped me learn about credibility (mostly my own) because I felt like the things I said during my presentation were relevant to me as a nursing major. I didn’t go up there and talk about marketing, because that’s something I have no interest in and no knowledge about. So I think that with me being a nursing major people are more likely to listen to me and trust what I have to say if it has to do with the body.

I think that for future presentations I want to practice more for my presentation. I think this because I want to be able to give a presentation without blanking out or forgetting what I want to say. To help me with this I think that I should make like a little notecard with all the key points of what I want to say.

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