Presentation 003 // Reflection


One thing I feel like I did well was having good visuals behind me so it gave something for the audience to look at while I was talking. However, something I would have liked to have done better was the actual delivery of my speech. I do not feel like I got what I wanted to say across clearly because I froze up there and could barely focus on the notes on my paper. Because of this, I feel like my delivery was very jumbled and unorganized. I also feel like my speech was incredibly short which made it seem like I did not work on it enough or gather enough information.

In the future I think it would be a good idea to practice my speech more than I did this time around so that it comes through more organized. I will keep using visual aids for my speech because I feel that helps me stay as on track as I possible can.

Presentation 003



Hi everyone. As you already know my name is Alyssa Catalan and today I am going to be talking to you guys about rail bikes.

Some of you might be wondering “What exactly is a rail bike?” Well, a rail bike is basically a bike with added parts that helps it to sit on the rails of a railroad track. It could also be a little cart on railroad tracks with pedals on it. So basically how it works is that you have to use the pedals to move the bike along the rails.

You have to go on one of those rail bike “tours” to use one. These places usually send people off on these rail bikes at specific times of the day, each with 200 feet in front of them and behind them. Giving 200 feet of space in either direction ensures that no one is going to bump into you or you don’t bump into anyone, meaning you can really go at your own pace and freely enjoy the scenery around you. So it’s basically a “guided tour” and by “guided” I mean that the rails guide you.

Basically anyone can go out and use a rail bike. if they wanted to. Young people, old people, blind people, and even people who do not know how to ride a bike. Like me. Why is this? Well, because you don’t really have to balance yourself on a rail bike, it does all that for you. All you have to do is pedal the bike and it moves. This is great for blind people because they get to feel how it is to pedal a bike, but they do not have to worry about bumping into anything or balancing themselves.

Where can you use or rent a rail bike? I think the closest one from here is in Oregon. ( There’s also a bunch on the east coast apparently, like around Rhode Island area. You can check that at I think rail bikes are kind of a big thing in South Korea, because when I was looking for information I saw a lot of pictures and videos of rail bikes from there. So yeah.


Presentation 002



Hi everyone, my name is Alyssa Catalan and today I will be talking to you guys about my experiences with bikes and kind of how my bicycle experiences are kind of different from everyone else.

Okay so to start off, I guess I should talk about my first bike ever. It was one of those Barbie bikes with the pink tassels on the handle bars and training wheels. I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. I didn’t really have any trouble riding the bike with the training wheels, since that kind of did all the balancing for me. But as soon as my uncle wanted me to take the training wheels off and try riding without them, I had little scrapes and scabs all over my knees from falling off. Regardless of the scrapes and scabs, I was having the time of my life with that bike. Eventually I got the hang of balancing myself and ended up with less and less scrapes. My brothers and I would ride up and down the street or in the backyard having races around the apple tree.

However, as my brothers and I got older we started going out less and less. This was because we discovered that the internet was kind of a great thing and that playing Maplestory and online games were great for pass time. Even if we weren’t going out as much, we were still having fun. During this time, I didn’t really ride any bikes.

Fast forward a few years later to last summer, my friends and I went to Google headquarters and decided to ride one of those Google bikes. This was one of the first times I’ve ridden a bike in years, but I was thinking “Oh, like everyone stops riding bikes but as soon as they try they’ll get the hang of it. No one ever really forgets how to ride a bike, right?” Yeah, I was wrong, I got on that bike and fell to the side real quick. This experience came to mind when in the beginning of the semester we read Strickland’s “What Every Kid Wants,” in the reading he says that riding a bike is natural, and that even if you don’t ride for awhile you don’t really forget how to ride. I totally disagree with this, because I completely forgot how to ride a bike. So as of now, the only bikes I can ride are my 5-year old cousin’s bike with the training wheels because I’m so small. Maybe one day I’ll relearn to ride a bike without training wheels.


My own experiences!

Strickland’s “What Every Kid Wants”

A Post About my 1st Bike


The first bike I ever owned pretty much looked like the one above- pink tassels, training wheels, and all. I thought it was the coolest thing honestly and I thought I was so cool riding it. I used to ride bikes up and down the short street my brothers and I lived at as a child. We didn’t really do much but ride around the street together. Sometimes we’d race around the apple tree in our back yard to see who could go around the fastest. It was pretty fun for a 5 year old, but as we grew up (around when I turned like 10) we stopped riding bikes, and kinda just spent all our time indoors.