S1 Presentation Reflection

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my performance in my S1 presentation. One thing I think I did well was having PowerPoint slides with mostly images that coordinated themselves with what I was saying. I think having visual components in a presentation is very important because it’s easier for people to follow along, it makes getting your point across more clear, and overall it makes presentations less boring. One thing I would’ve liked to do better is read less from my notes. Though I practiced many, many times, one I got up there in front of the class, I felt like my knowledge on the subject decreased which made me feel like I needed my notes more. I do feel I conveyed the information to the audience successfully and made the impact I wanted to make. I do think my delivery could’ve been better. Even though I think I covered up my intense nervousness pretty well, I still think I could’ve been more confident. I do think that this presentation helped me learn about credibility and helped me identify things that makes someone credible. This presentation has definitely helped me learn more about the ethics of public speaking. In the future, I think I will practice saying my speech in front of others more because it gives you a different sense rather than practicing alone. The few times I was able to present my speech in front of my friends, it was extremely helpful, I just wish I would’ve done it a few more times and with different people.

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