May 2nd in class writing

The gender role in this whole are very obviously, for example, men alway leave the housework to their wives. Women must do a lot of housework for the whole families. In the history of China, compare with men, Chinese women’s position is very unfair. If a wife born a girl for a family, she will face a lot of curse from her husband’s mother,and the whole family will not like her any more. Then this husband will marry another wife to born a boy. Therefore, Chinese women should face a lot of stress. There are also a very unfair things for Chinese women, Chinese men like women who possess a pair of small feet. Because of that Chinese parents star to bound their girls feet. Feet-bounding is a very terrible things for girls, they should bear the pain during the whole childhood.

Topic: The position of women in current society

thesis statement: women is the lowest position all over the world

body: find some article about my topic, compare with the position with the other countries women. the influence of the position.  Some example of Chinese ancient. Why women’s position become like this(reason history culture habits)

End some hope and How to improve the position of women.

April 29th Lulu Jiao Aini Song & Gucheng Tang

1.Student shouldn’t have to pay for vaccinations.

Each of the students in University of San Francisco shouldn’t have to pay for the MENACER vaccinations, for it is a serious illness for teenager, university should help teenager prevent illness.

2.The cost of health care for illegal immigrants is an important issue.

It is very significant for the illegal immigrants to pay for the cost of health care, because the identify of illegal immigrants are not confirm, the cost to health care is not the responsibility of the US government.

3.The spotted owls in our area need protection.

It is a very needful things to protect the beautiful spotted owls by warning the  hunter and telling the precious of this spotted owls.

4.Cigarette taxes should be raised.

Cigarette taxes should be raised because it can reduce the rate of purchase and it also can decrease the lung cancer happened to a lot of people who died young.

5 Standardized testing is a bad idea.
The Chinese college entrance examination has gave students many stress and makes bad influence and prevent to their psychology health.



The reality show follows the lives of Bruce and Kris Jenner’s combined family and most of the episodes focus on the three oldest daughters, Koutyney, Kim, and Khloė Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner was famous for breaking the world record and sinning a gold medal i the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. His sons from a previous marriage, Brandon and Brody,  have also appeared on their own reality shows.

The Kardashian’s father, the late attorney Robert Kardashian, was famous for representing O.J. Simpson. His daughters gained recognitions American socialites.

Kim came into the national spotlight in 2007 after a sex-tape scandal and resulting Playboy appearance. The kardashian fame grew into a profitable reality series.

The show depicts the daily routine of the Kardashians. Spin-off shows feature Kourtney, Kim and Khloė’s attempts build their line of fashion boutiques.






April 27

In this essay, I want to talk about the gender role between the women and men. However, I also want to mention about the significance of women in the whole family.



“Person– environment fit research, especially with its focus on personal affective outcomes, is definitely a Western tradition, dominated by an emphasis on the individual and on personal satisfaction/gratifica- tion. These are clearly not universal values and so at least one other environmental variable, national cul- ture, must enter the equation for person–environ- ment fit research. It must but it has not.” (P481)


JUDGE, T & Wang, A & Chuang, A (2015). Academy of Management Journal. Does west “FIT” with east? in search of a Chinese model of person-environment, 58(2), 480–510.

April 22 Exercise

  1. F Then I attended Morris Junior High, which was a bad experience.
  2. F The scene was filled with beauty. For example, the sun sending its brilliant rays to the earth and the leaves of across shares of red, yellow, and brown moving slowly in the wind.
  3. C
  4. F Within each group, that was a wide range of features to choose from. It was difficult to distinguish between them.
  5. C
  6. C
  7. F the magazine has a reputation for a sophisticated, prestigious, and elite group of readers. Although that is a value judgment and in circumstances, it not a true premise.
  8. F In the seventh grade every young boy goes out for football, and proving to himself and his parents that he is a man.
  9. F She opened the door and let us into her home, but she do not realize at the time that we would never enter that door in her home again.
  10. C

April 11 Sandwich quote

If you read the non-enthralling 36-page summary of a report about to come out from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, as I did last week, you may have been struck by something faintly odd(introduce). Most news stories interpreted the communiqué as the strongest statement yet from the world’s top climate experts—more than 800 from 39 countries—that humaninduced global warming will irreversibly transmogrify earth, sea, and sky unless carbon emissions are capped soon. The reporters weren’t wrong, but they missed something, perhaps because it was so obvious it slipped beneath notice. It was the tone. The document made heavy use of italics (“virtually certain,” “very likely”) and language (“unequivocal,” “unprecedented”) not usually stooped to by scientists.(Quote) The writers focused on their “confidence in the validity” of their findings rather than on the findings themselves. In short, this was no neutral act of scientific communication. It was a rebuttal to those who have done nothing to mitigate the risks of climate change, because they refuse to admit its plain facts.(Analytics)

April 6th Group work

– The topics we selected is “Global warming”. We decided to introduce 3 part of global warming: 1. climate change 2. pollution 3. urbanization. Because of global warming has become one of the most serious problem all over the world, we selected this topic.Also, we want to more and more person can pay attention to it. Global warming is a natural phenomenon. Because people burning fossil fuel, such as oil, coal, or deforestation and the burning will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas, these greenhouse gases on the radiation from the sun visible light has high permeability, and the long wave radiation emitted from the earth with a highly absorbent, can strongly absorb infrared radiation on the ground, resulting in the earth’s temperature to rise, the greenhouse effect. And when the greenhouse effect will continue to accumulate, resulting in gas absorption and emission of energy balance, energy accumulation in the earth atmosphere system, resulting in rising temperature, resulting in the phenomenon of global warming. Global warming will lead to a global redistribution of precipitation, melting glaciers and permafrost, rising sea levels, not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystems, but also threaten human survival.

– Our group member are : Sean, charlotte, Aini. Each of us will respectively introduces a part of global warming.

-We will found some video and pictures to emphasize the severity of influence which global warming brought to us.


March 11 Group-writing

Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass

Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born into slavery in Talbot County, Maryland, around 1818. The exact year and date of Douglass’s birth are unknown, though later in life he chose to celebrate it on February 14. Covey’s constant abuse did nearly break the 16-year-old Douglass psychologically. Eventually, however, Douglass fought back, in a scene rendered powerfully in his first autobiography. After losing a physical confrontation with Douglass, Covey never beat him again. On February 20, 1895, he attended a meeting in Washington. Shortly after returning home, he died of a massive heart attack or stroke. He was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery in New York.

With Douglass moving between the Aulds, he was later made to work for Edward Covey, who had a reputation as a “slave-breaker.” At the urging of Garrison, Douglass wrote and published his first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, in 1845. The book was a best seller in the United States and was translated into several European languages. He also wrote My Bondage and My Freedom,Escape from slavery and more books.
In addition to abolition, Douglass became an outspoken supporter of women’s rights. In 1848, he was the only African American to attend the first women’s rights convention at New York.

Famed 19th-century author and orator Frederick Douglass was an eminent human rights leader in the anti-slavery movement and the first African-American citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank. In 1848, he was the only African American to attend the first women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York. Elizabeth Cady Stanton asked the assembly to pass a resolution stating the goal of women’s suffrage. In 1863, Douglass conferred with President Abraham Lincoln regarding the treatment of black soldiers, and later with President Andrew Johnson on the subject of black suffrage.


March 7 In class Writing

The change of culture change

the change of economy

the change of urban construction 

I think I need find two articles which are taking about the change of US and Chinese.  The economy and culture. I think the culture part will be more important but at first I also need to find. I think because American have different thinking and diversity brains, they change the face of America a lot. For example, people had been allowed to make a same-sex families in America, but in the other countries are still not, so as you can see, because of the diversity social, American will possess more freedom and happiness. Meanwhile, American totally aspect to these changes and diversity things. However, people can not accept and understand that why the things will be changed and improved in some poor and backward countries.

March 4 Grammar/vocab practice

  1. After class, I need to bring my draft to class, and give it to other classmates to revise my grammar mistake. I also need to make my sentence clear and add more detail for the essay.
  2. Second, I want to talk about how to finish this essay. When we mention social media, many people would be confused what social media is?
  3. When immigrants started to come to the US in the 17th century, there were only a few resources available. However, hardworking of immigrants made the country prosperous in fast pace. Although it is challenging in the beginning, it was not undoable.
  4. How do we improve the problems of immigrants in this country?
  5. diversity, adaption, fertility, manifest, pedagogically, predict, motivation, fragile.
  6. The US government _predicts_that the employment rate will drop to 4% in September; however, the economy is very_fragile_ now
  7. What is the _pedagogically_ suitable model to help the international students in class? Their_diversity_ adds to the strength of multicultural environment in class.
  8. The __fertility_rate of most of the women in developing country is very high, but they can hardly_adapt_ to the adverse situations due to poverty.
  9. It’s_manifest_ that students in class are difficult to be _motivated_ the teaching heavy theory.