January 26th, 2018

Meaning of Name Assignment

My name is Alexa Dolores Tapia. Alexa is a name that comes from Greece, and is a short form of Alexandra, which means defender or helper of mankind. Alexandra is the female version of Alexander, which we can all associate to Alexander the Great. Dolores directly translated to english is “pains”. However, the name means “sorrows”, and it was taken from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary María de los Dolores, meaning “Mary of Sorrows”. Tapia, on the other hand, originated in Castile, Spain. The meaning of Tapia is “protective wall”. From what I have been told, my mother chose the name Alexa because she really liked it, while my father chose Dolores because it is a name that has been in my family for many years. I have never been embarrassed of the name Alexa, nor Tapia. However, I have always disliked my middle name Dolores, because my friends  would often make fun of it, given that it sounds like “Dollars”, and that in spanish it means pains. A few days ago, I showed my ID to my roommate and when she read my middle name Dolores, she told me ” I don’t know anyone under the age of 70 named Dolores.” She was making fun of the fact that it sounds like an old lady’s name. Ironically, I was named Dolores after my grandmother.


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