February 2nd, 2018

Alexa Tapia

Isabel Benito

Nate Centeno


  • Brooks boldly starts by stating that we have the label “diversity” within the U.S. but we are not truly because we position ourselves with people of similar tendencies
  • In general our main point was Brooks’ main point as well.
  • Isabel Benito included the specific example, “if you asked a Democratic lawyer to move from her $750,000 house in Bethesda, Maryland to a $750,000 house in Great Falls, Virginia, she’d look at you as if you had just asked her to buy a pickup truck with a gun rack.” This example to her showed the exact mentality many humans have when thinking of switching to integrate to different communities. Isabel also admitted that stepping out of her comfort zone is hard and admits to continuing this cycle of not creating a “real change.”
  • Alexa also said that this human behavior is also seen in movies and in novels. An example she thought of was the novel “A Raisin in the Sun” in which an African American character frowns upon the main character’s decision to move to a white neighborhood. If this is frowned upon in novels and movies, we cannot expect to seem normal in real life even though it should be normal to move around and neighborhoods should not belong to just one group of people.
  • Isabel has been in many situations were she had to move to different countries. These experiences have put her in many situations were she felt insecure or very different while being the “new girl” again and again. Especially being Mexican in new environments like a preppy school in Kentucky, there were moments were she felt out of place because the customs she had growing up with her family were nowhere close to what the people around her have experienced.
  • We all concluded that diversity in our societies will never be achieved if we keep choosing to be in our comfort zone.
  • Alexa included an example of how students make friends in Universities. She claims that oftentimes students befriend other students with similar interests, backgrounds or that come from similar countries.
  • Nate conveyed the example “people want to be around others who are roughly like themselves”
  • Nate has been in many experiences that the author explains within the story especially pertaining to “social groups” within High School for example the basketball players, the cheerleaders, band group, and etc.


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