February 5th, 2018

Summary of Isabel Benito’s response

Isabel begins her response to Black and Blue by stating what she thinks the main point of the narrative is. She then goes on and gives a little recap of what the narrative says: talking about how in one country it was dangerous to walk down the streets because of the violence, while in the other one, the US, he was scared of doing so because he was seen as a threat. Isabel connects this to day to day life and expresses her sadness towards the fact that white people are not harassed in the streets or misjudged, but colored people are.

In her Class Dismissed analysis, Isabel wrote the main idea of the essay. That is, she wrote that social classes are a taboo in our societies. She argues that nothing will ever change because people are afraid to speak about it. Also, she says that in order to make a change “it takes a village” and for wealthy people to not look away.  To make it more personal, Isabel included personal narrative of her life in Mexico. She talks about how it has always stuck to her that her maid, Amparo, would always ask her for her books so that her daughter was able to get the education that she was able to get.


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