February 7, 2018

The objective of this essay is to provide a background of my life and my identity through music and my voice. I think that I might find easy the editing part, since I have experience with these kinds of things. Nevertheless, I feel like I will be challenged when deciding what story about me to tell. Also, I dislike my voice on audios, especially in english. Therefore, I feel like I will record time and time again, and will never be comfortable with my speaking voice, my accent or simply the way I sound. Another thing is that choosing the music will be a challenge, but at least I enjoy different types of music, so I will have a lot to choose from. I am pretty clear of what is expected of me. I know that my story has to be one that is entertaining to hear, and has to go well with my choice of music. My essay has to be cohesive and my voice and music should be clear. My only issue is that I simply do not know where to start.


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