February 9, 2018

I was thinking including different types of music maybe like mixing different music that i like en show my personality through the music i listen to.

include music from my country to show some of my background

moments where i’ve felt out of place here in sf in parties or any other environment due to my different culture and the music i listen to.

tell a story of a specific moment where i felt differently because of my culture or identity here.

include trap and reggaeton and compare to what people listen to here. (hip hop)

compare and contrast between culture in nica and in here

examples: ways people dress, types of parties, behavior, music, laws, crowded clubs.


show my different personalities through the different music i listen to and the moments in which i do.


make distinction between what people think nicaragua is, what it is for me, how my society is different to what other people envision of nicaragua and compare that between how american society is like here particularly in USF.

compare nicaragua through differents points of view: ignorant foreigners and foreigners who know a little bit more, the perspective of those who come as tourists, and the local capital society’s perspective.


Outline for Audio Essay

  • Nicaragua: A nation so simple, yet so complex. A country that changes in the eyes of different people. A country that for some means so little, but to others means so much. To me, it means the world.
  • I will share with you the many different dimensions Nicaragua has, and how it has made me the person I am today.
  • First, I will share with you the perspective of the typical ignorant I have encountered many times in my life.


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