February 12, 2018

Draft of Audio Essay

compare nicaragua through differents points of view: ignorant foreigners and foreigners who know a little bit more, the perspective of those who come as tourists, and the local capital society’s perspective.


Outline for Audio Essay

Nicaragua: A nation so simple, yet so complex. A country that changes in the eyes of different people. A country that for some means so little, but to others means so much. To me, it means the world. When I tell foreigners that I come from Nicaragua, I get a large variety of different reactions. Sometimes, I get questions like “Nicaragua? Where is that again? What is there to do in Nicaragua?” “What music do you guys listen to over there?” or simply looks of sorrow accompanied by a “Ohh, I’m sorry. It must be rough over there.” These questions are often hard to answer, given that I always try to not seem insulted. More often than not, these people are surprised with my answers. It’s like they have a perception of Nicaragua that is completely erroneous. But in case you were wondering these questions too, I will gladly answer them.

Nicaragua is located right in the center of central America. It is in between Honduras and Costa Rica, and its the biggest country in the region. This question is such a common one, but its one that I am tired of answering. Ive had people tell me that they thought Nicaragua was located in Africa. Others, when I said Central America followed up with the question “Is it near Kansas?”

When people ask me what we do back in Nicaragua, I feel like they are expecting to hear something extremely foreign to them. When really, it is pretty much the same as everywhere else. We climb volcanoes, we go to the beach, we go out shopping, we party, we are loud, we are latinos.

We listen to all types of music. When I say I am latina, some picture a big family gathering where everyone is wearing sombreros and listening to things like this (ranchera) I know this, because I have also been asked. In reality, We listen to everything. We have music that represents our country such as (Luis Enrique Mejia), but we also listen to (Despacito), (krippy kush), (New Rules Dua Lipa), or (Beyonce)

The most uncomfortable conversation is when they just tell me that theyre sorry or they just assume that life is tough for me back home. When I say Nicaragua this is what they hear in their heads. When I say it proudly, I just imagine all of the amazing things Nicaragua has to offer.  Yes, we are the second poorest country in America. Yes, we had a war many many years ago. Yes, we are currently under a dictator. Nevertheless, I am thankful that I was lucky enough to not suffer any of that. However, I see the impact those issues have on my country. Because of this, Nicaraguans tend to be very nice and humble people. We see the gap between the rich and poor. We see mansions being built next to houses that are falling apart. I graduated from an American High School that was next to a public school that did not have money to buy desks for the children. We see the reality foreigners think we all live in, and although changing this has been hard, in my opinion it has just made us people with big hearts. People that know what hardship looks like, people that appreciate what they were lucky to be born with.

To me, being Nicaraguan means that I get to speak in english, pero tambien en español. It means that I get to study in the United States, but go back home to my welcoming country over break. It means that I eat hamburgers, but sometimes I rather eat tostones, or fritanga. It means that I make sure that I am well aware of other nation’s issues in case I encounter natives who are tired of feeling like I do when I am asked these questions. It means that I enjoy other cultures, but I would never change my own.

Nicaragua is part of who I am and I will always be proud of it no matter how many times I have to tell people where it is located, no matter how many times I have to say “Yes, I do know what a refrigerator is.” And No matter how many times people look at me with pity. I know that Nicaragua is beautiful, fun, and full of amazing people.


I encounter two different types of people: people I would classify as ignorants and those who are aware of at least some issues going on in Nicaragua. Sometimes, I get questions like “That country is in Africa right?” or “Do you listen to music there?” or “Nicaragua is in Central America? Is that near Kansas?” Other times, I encounter people that know slightly more. They ask things like “How is it like living with a dictator?” or they just ask me how the situation is going back home. These questions are often hard to answer, given that I am always trying to hide my condescending tone. No, Nicaragua is not in Africa. Yes, we listen to all types of music here. And no, Kansas is a state belonging to the United States of America, Nicaragua is a country in the middle of North and South America.


I will share with you the many different dimensions Nicaragua has, and how it has made me the person I am today. First, I will share with you the perspective of the typical foreigner I have encountered many times in my life. Then, I will share with you what Nicaragua looks like for the majority of tourists that come to the country. Lastly, I will share my perspective as a native Nicaraguan and describe a little of what the society looks like to me, and how does it compare to the new environment I am now in.



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