April 30

April 30th

In class writing

Factory work has been in our lives for hundreds of years by now, ever since the industrial revolution. As the years go by, humans evolve and so does our technology. So what does this mean for our factory workers who may someday get overrun by robots?

I found an article called, “Technology-Driven Changes in Work and Employment” by Montealegre Ramiro, and he discusses how technology is changing the way factories work.

“We live in a global society where technology, especially information and communication technology, is changing the way businesses create and capture value, how and where we work, and how we interact and communicate.”

This is how the article begins and I believe that this could be helpful for my essay because it is a big statement to make, but at the same time it is the truth.

Montealegre, R. (2017) Technilogy-Driven Changes in Work and Employment. Communications of the ACM.


April 27

April 27th

In-class free writing

What are some of the stereotypes about manual labor or white-collar work (which Crawford calls knowledge work)? What are the social scripts that teach us to define and evaluate this type of labor? In your view, are these attitudes accurate or fair? Why or why not? How do you apply such concepts to your own experiences with work? How much of conversation or dialogue do you encounter regarding the relationship between work and social class in general? You can talk about the ways cultural norms around work are intimately entwined with cultural norms around school by exploring how there exists (or not?) a bias within our educational system against manual labor. In what ways, do you think, such educational script needs to be rewritten?

Some stereotypes about manual labor are that usually the jobs involving manual labor are for the unintelligent, but this is very wrong because manual labor involved quick thinking and memorization. Manual labor is also a very important thing in today’s society, because if you think about it, everything you buy or own has been made with manual labor somehow. This labor goes much unappreciated because people rarely think about the little things that these people do. I have never personally had a real job before, so I do not know the real experience of manual labor, but I feel like I do know because I lived with my mother and did a lot around the house to help her out. This type of labor is hard, but I feel like it is good for you both physically and mentally, because every time you do some sort of manual labor, you are learning and practicing different skills. Such as maintaining a house by replacing light bulbs, cleaning a bathroom, mopping the floor, etc.

I do not talk a lot about this topic, but I like to. I am glad we are able to discuss this as a class and see what other people have been through and what their opinions on this topic are. I think that it is a great opportunity to be able to learn from your classmates, because each and everyone of them have different experiences than me and they all know something that I do not.

I think that the education system is smart to be focusing on knowledge labor because in the long run, it will only help our society grow faster as we become smarter and we may even be able to eliminate manual labor so know one has to go through the pain and suffering that some warehouse workers go through.

Pros and Cons of Manual labor:

good for the human body, mentally and physically, but to much can be bad for you.

Pros and Cons of Knowledge labor

good for society because we will overall be smarter and more innovative, but we won’t have that much manual labor practice and that can be bad. I think we need to find a good balance or ratio between the two in the education system.


April 25

April 25

In-Class Writing – Apr. 25th

Work can be demanding and hard work both mentally and physically. As it is shown by Mac McClelland in her essay “I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave.” I do not really know anyone who works in this field so I don’t really have that much knowledge on this, but after reading McClellands piece, I really want to find out more about this because it is a bad thing and these workers are just treated so poorly. I couldn’t believe it when I read that these big businesses treat their laborers so horribly, such as Nike and Amazon. These companies have so much money, but are still too greedy to treat their laborers fairly. I just think that this is a big problem that needs to be fixed soon.

April 18

April 18

In class writing April 18

“The homeless have been evicted from the banks of the Santa Ana river, but now what? a hearing has been ordered in response to a lawsuit filed last week by the Orange County Catholic Worker, seeking an injunction against anti-camping laws. Representatives of Orange County and the cities of Anaheim, Orange and Costa Mesa will be in court Feb. 13, when a federal judge in Santa Ana will consider issuing a temporary restraining order barring the municipalities from enforcing anti-camping laws with regards to the homeless whom they say have nowhere to go.”(https://patch.com/california/newportbeach/homeless-crisis-oc-no-camping-no-loitering-nowhere-go)

When I grew up in Newport Beach, CA, it was rare to find homeless people around, but recently they have been evicted from numerous areas such as the river banks of Santa Ana river, and now they are trying to find other places to go, such as Newport Beach.

This is a difficult topic to work on because they are people in need of help, all of the factors that go into the problem add up to be some sort of positive feedback loop where they can never find a place to stay. It is sad that they have no where to go because everything that you do now a days cost a certain amount of money. These issues relate to “Home and Hope” because Matthew Desmond discusses how when you do not have a stable home, you are unable to benefit from being yourself in that home. I hate to hear about these problems because I feel so much empathy for them, luckily there are homeless shelters in the area and soup kitchens that can help.

April 9

April 9th

In Class writing:

August and Maddy

  • We are thinking of making our video into two halves, one about Environmental Studies and the other Communications.
  • Go to USF Garden and film some things there
  • Get some footage of interviewing a professor
  • Videos of doing helpful things
  • Clips of places that relate to our majors
  • Have some slideshow pictures with voiceover
  • Smooth editing
  • ending with works cited
March 26

March 26

In-Class Writing

I think that class, culture, and race are important factors in your life when you are growing up to shape what type of person you become. I grew up in Orange County which tends to be a wealthy community. I think that going to school all those years there have affected me positively and negatively because I was so lucky to be able to grow up there and there are so many benefits to living there. Some negative things could be that since I got so used to that way of life, I now feel like I have to be able to live like that in the future. This example could also be a benefit though, because I now have something to strive for and be motivated for.

I also forgot to mention that my family was not wealthy, but most of my friends families were, so that was pretty tough because they would go on vacations or activities that I could not.

As for education, growing up in this community was great, because I got an awesome education, I had a lot of fun and made life-long friends there. The high school I went to was Corona Del Mar High School and it, personally, I think that it put me on a perfect path for my future.

March 9

March 9

Week 7: Day 3:
Blog writing in class:
-Search on Wikipedia about any controversial topic or trigger warning issue that you are curious about or interested in. Does knowing that the information contributed in a Wikipedia article comes from many anonymous sources change the way you evaluate its contents? Write a brief evaluation of the pros and cons of using Wikipedia versus a more traditional research source.
I picked the controversial topic climate change and searched it on Wikipedia. I think that Wikipedia is a reliable source because even though people can change the facts and information on there, they have bots that check changes to each and every website and make sure it is not false information. Wikipedia always gives me a great definition of what I am researching. Also, it is a very organized website on how it is structured and it has no adds, which is probably the best part. The best part about Wikipedia is that it has the table of contents for everything you look up, so you can easily click on the part that you want an it will take you right to it.
I also looked up climate change on the NASA website (https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/5-8/features/nasa-knows/what-is-climate-change-58.html), and both of the information on each website is the same and very reliable. Some of the cons of using Wikipedia is that you never really know if you can rely on it 100% but I think that the owners keep a good watch of the changes.
March 9

March 5

Reimagining Educational Practices (March 5)

-Do some research online about university rankings by finding reliable and credible sources. Then prepare a short report as to how this source helps you learn about the relationship between university ranking and quality education. What insights do you get about the ways less advantaged communities get education? Also, attach or embed the charts, figures, or any images you find to support your ideas, and prepare a References list for the source(s).

I found a list of 2018 best colleges (https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges). It says that the top 5 are Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Yale University, and Columbia University. But after doing some other research, I found that having a small class size gives you a better quality education, such as USF. Of course, the Ivy-League universities are going to have a better quality education, but it is also a much harder acceptance rate and higher tuition. Hands on activities are also an advantage, because it is a lot better than having people listen to lectures. Studies have shown that hands on activities are more likely to be remembered.


2018 Best Colleges for Education Majors. (n.d.). Retrieved March 08, 2018, from https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges-for-education/

Compass, U. N., & Methodology, R. T. (n.d.). The 10 Best Universities in America. Retrieved March 08, 2018, from https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities

March 9

March 2

Blog writing in class (March 2)

-Skim through Scenes and Un-Scenes from pp. 226-31; then respond to Question # 1: Which of these portraits most closely resembles your typical Thanksgiving experience? Which least resembles your experience? Why?

After I skimmed through the pages 226-231, I realized that the one on page 227 mostly resembles my typical thanksgiving dinner. I think this because I cannot really relate to the other ones. There was one that had them praying, which we do not typically do, one that had a lot of military people, and one where people were messing around. The portrait that least resembles my typical thanksgiving dinner is probably the one that is on page is on page 230 were they are serving the homeless, I think that this is an awesome idea but I just have never done anything like that on thanksgiving so that is why that one is the least.


February 26

Feb 26

In Class Writing

My mom and my dad are separate, so I kind of have two different food families. At my mom’s house, which is where I would mainly be, I would eat very healthy because my mom is a very healthy person. She would always make very great dinners such as potatoes with cauliflower, Mexican style burritos, pizza with salad, etc.. She would always make sure that it was balanced. At my dads, I would eat more hard-style like, chicken or steak (more protein based). I think that these meals can be represented as normal in society, but I don’t really know what everyone else eats. I was just blessed that my mom was able to put me on the habit of wanting to eat fruits and vegetables. I also never really eat dessert, which is good in my opinion. Some people always think that dessert is just a part of the daily routine, for me, if I am hungry again late at night, I will eat some fruit or some other healthy snacks. I also started last year on a routine of eating protein shakes after work outs, which I think in my opinion is very healthy because it satisfies my protein needs if I don’t get enough, and also it contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. I can say that I know what the norm is for foods in family/culture, but that was how it was with my family. Now, in college, my eating schedule has been pretty bad, but I am slowly trying to fix it.