February 26

Feb 26

In Class Writing

My mom and my dad are separate, so I kind of have two different food families. At my mom’s house, which is where I would mainly be, I would eat very healthy because my mom is a very healthy person. She would always make very great dinners such as potatoes with cauliflower, Mexican style burritos, pizza with salad, etc.. She would always make sure that it was balanced. At my dads, I would eat more hard-style like, chicken or steak (more protein based). I think that these meals can be represented as normal in society, but I don’t really know what everyone else eats. I was just blessed that my mom was able to put me on the habit of wanting to eat fruits and vegetables. I also never really eat dessert, which is good in my opinion. Some people always think that dessert is just a part of the daily routine, for me, if I am hungry again late at night, I will eat some fruit or some other healthy snacks. I also started last year on a routine of eating protein shakes after work outs, which I think in my opinion is very healthy because it satisfies my protein needs if I don’t get enough, and also it contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids. I can say that I know what the norm is for foods in family/culture, but that was how it was with my family. Now, in college, my eating schedule has been pretty bad, but I am slowly trying to fix it.

February 21

Feb 21

In Class Writing

I don’t feel tokenized that much, but sometimes my height can cause problems. People sometimes comment on how tall I am and I always hear that so it can get kind of annoying. Also, when I am around other people who are not as tall as me it makes me feel kind of weird because I am not eye level with them, so sometimes I bend down a little bit. I haven’t ever really thought about what people think of me the first time they meet me, I just hope that they think I am a nice and cool guy. When I meet someone new I never really know what to talk about with them, because we have no experiences to talk about or anything, also I am not even that talkative so I guess they would think that I am shy and kind of weird. Once you get to know me, I am super nice, cooperative, and funny. Overall, I just hope that my first impressions with people are good and not bad.

February 16

Feb 16

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February 12

Feb 12

Last year, I had to move out of my house that I had previously lived at for 10+ years, only my mom and I were living together at the time, because my brother was living with my dad and my step mom. This was a very difficult time in my life because I was very busy. I was in the middle of volleyball season, I was still figuring out where I was going to college, and I had to work with moving. It was very hard for my mom because she especially was busy. During these times, I would always rely on my music. Music to me has always been a way for me to relax and invest some of my time in. I would always by the end of the night just put on some headphones and listen to and find new music. Moving was a very good experience to me because I was able to grow as a person more, I think this because I had to plan out my day so I could make time to help out my mom. I also think that moving to a smaller house prepared me for college life, because there I had to do the same type of laundry as in college.

Going through tough experiences in life are good for people because you learn how to achieve what you thought you might have not been able to do, and if you come to a part in your life when you may have to do a similar experience, you will be able to do it easily.

I think having something that you really enjoy or are good at are important to people because you can do that certain thing to be able to relax when times get hard. Just like I said that I am into music, it can be anything, drawing, painting, playing instruments, etc. having a hobby is important.

February 9

Feb 9

August Jeffrey – In Class Free Writing

I think that there can be many different things that I can talk about such as, poverty, class, race, disabilities, etc. If I were to talk about poverty, I could explain my own personal opinion and experiences about it and then I could provide statistical data about different countries and their poverty. Class is kind of the same area, but you can really get into social class and how it effects people. How different people talk differently to people of different class. Such as how people talk to their friends is different than how people talk to their grandfathers or grandmothers. Race is an easy subject to get into because it is still so real and I could talk about how people tend to not be diverse, they want to be with people that are alike. Such as in a diverse community, people tend to group up and create their own groups. I can also just talk about how people are effected by race and how people can have disadvantages with this problem. I feel like I could be best of with poverty, because I feel most comfortable with this subject compared to the others.

I could talk about my personal experiences with having not that much money, such as how when I grew up, I lived in a wealthy area, but I wasn’t wealthy and there are some hardships with that because I wasn’t able to do the things that they got to do. Such as vacations where they all went to Mexico or the Dominican Republic. I ended up not really caring that I wasn’t able to go to these events, but at the same time I felt pretty left out. There are countless examples of where I had to go the extra mile on things because of my families financial situation just so that I could participate in certain events.

I would talk more about world poverty and data later.

I really think that talking about my personal opinions could be a great choice for my audio essay, because it is very easy for me to talk about and it could make for a good story.

February 5

Feb 5

August Jeffrey – Response to Yiang

As I read Yiang’s response to the discussion, he made many great points about the readings. He pointed out that how in “Black and Blue,” racism still does exist in the U.S. He wrote clearly and used many quote’s to strengthen his response. He discussed how in Cadogan’s “Black and Blue,” that he did not have equality in New Orleans when he moved there. I agree with him because Cadogan’s description of what he went through was very moving and shows that in the U.S. there still is racism. He also ended up saying that how “Class Dismissed” is that Americans are unable or unwilling to talk about social class.