February 9

Feb 9

August Jeffrey – In Class Free Writing

I think that there can be many different things that I can talk about such as, poverty, class, race, disabilities, etc. If I were to talk about poverty, I could explain my own personal opinion and experiences about it and then I could provide statistical data about different countries and their poverty. Class is kind of the same area, but you can really get into social class and how it effects people. How different people talk differently to people of different class. Such as how people talk to their friends is different than how people talk to their grandfathers or grandmothers. Race is an easy subject to get into because it is still so real and I could talk about how people tend to not be diverse, they want to be with people that are alike. Such as in a diverse community, people tend to group up and create their own groups. I can also just talk about how people are effected by race and how people can have disadvantages with this problem. I feel like I could be best of with poverty, because I feel most comfortable with this subject compared to the others.

I could talk about my personal experiences with having not that much money, such as how when I grew up, I lived in a wealthy area, but I wasn’t wealthy and there are some hardships with that because I wasn’t able to do the things that they got to do. Such as vacations where they all went to Mexico or the Dominican Republic. I ended up not really caring that I wasn’t able to go to these events, but at the same time I felt pretty left out. There are countless examples of where I had to go the extra mile on things because of my families financial situation just so that I could participate in certain events.

I would talk more about world poverty and data later.

I really think that talking about my personal opinions could be a great choice for my audio essay, because it is very easy for me to talk about and it could make for a good story.

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