March 9

March 9

Week 7: Day 3:
Blog writing in class:
-Search on Wikipedia about any controversial topic or trigger warning issue that you are curious about or interested in. Does knowing that the information contributed in a Wikipedia article comes from many anonymous sources change the way you evaluate its contents? Write a brief evaluation of the pros and cons of using Wikipedia versus a more traditional research source.
I picked the controversial topic climate change and searched it on Wikipedia. I think that Wikipedia is a reliable source because even though people can change the facts and information on there, they have bots that check changes to each and every website and make sure it is not false information. Wikipedia always gives me a great definition of what I am researching. Also, it is a very organized website on how it is structured and it has no adds, which is probably the best part. The best part about Wikipedia is that it has the table of contents for everything you look up, so you can easily click on the part that you want an it will take you right to it.
I also looked up climate change on the NASA website (, and both of the information on each website is the same and very reliable. Some of the cons of using Wikipedia is that you never really know if you can rely on it 100% but I think that the owners keep a good watch of the changes.

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