When it comes to Wikipedia it can be hard to know what is credible and what is not credible. I tend to find that a lot of the basic information on Wikipedia is credible. If you are researching a topic and you have not heard of the topic, a wiki search would allow for you to grasp a basic understanding of the topics before you go further into detail. I think a lot of the people that contribute to Wikipedia articles do their best to present factual information, but anyone can change the information on Wikipedia which is why it can be hard to rely on. The pros of using Wikipedia is that it is a very accessible website, and if you find incorrect information you can always change it. There are also forums for each wiki page which allow for the discussion of the credibility of the article where the sources are usually listed. If you want to take the time to cross reference every detail on a wiki article than Wikipedia is a good resource to use. Other academic resources are more credible but usually less accessible. The main advantage that Wikipedia has over other academic sources is that it is free to access, while it may not always be credible there are ways to check the credibility and use it like an academic source.