Arrangement/Outline for Project 2

Hi Guys my names Justin and for my evidence presentation I came across an article titled “Lane Splitting” on a website called “American Motorcyclist Association. I chose this article because I’ve noticed that a lot of people in california lane split as a result of the state being the only one in the US that does not directly prohibit it, so I became curious about the debate of whether or not it should be condoned.


So I was going down the article and it was basically saying that lane splitting makes it safer for motorcyclists to navigate. The article stood strong in its views which could be seen through the amount of evidence is uses such as statistics and research studies.


The article’s first strong point of evidence was a study made by The Hurt Report, which is the largest study of motorcycle crash causation, which said that “In 59.2 percent of motorcycle accidents, there was moderate or heavy traffic. Reducing a motorcyclist’s exposure to vehicles that are always accelerating and decelerating on congested roadways can be one way to reduce collisions.


Bouncing off of reducing collisions, the article also mentioned that UC Berkeley published a report in 2015 that concluded that motorcyclists who split lanes in heavy traffic are significantly less likely to be struck from behind by other motorists and are less likely to suffer injuries or fatality.


A Lot of people may think that lane splitting is dangerous because of the tight space that motorcyclists must clear, but the article addresses this by saying that the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety states that, “A motorcycle’s narrow width can allow it to pass between lanes of stopped or slow-moving cars on roadways where the lanes are wide enough to offer an adequate gap, providing an escape route for motorcyclists who would otherwise be trapped or struck from behind and reducing crash frequency compared with staying within the lane and moving with other traffic. It offers a means of reducing congestion in addition to possible safety benefits, and is widely used in many other countries.”


Obviously a motorcycle shouldn’t be allowed to pass others at like 80mph in traffic that’s going 20, and the article addresses this by saying that the Motorcycle Industry Council supports state laws that allow lane splitting under reasonable restrictions, and that In 2016, California passed a law that authorized the state Highway Patrol to develop guidelines for legal lane splitting.

All in all, the American Motorcyclist Association had many sources of evidence to support its claim that lane splitting should be condoned in order to aid in safety as well as traffic congestion.

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