Peer Analysis

A major factor that I noticed correlated with an effective speech was when the speaker really knew their subject, such as knowing specific statistics or the subject’s history/context. This along with good eye contact, a clear structure, and sometimes bits of humor are the best qualities of the peer presentations that I would like to improve in myself to reach my goals as a speaker.

Credibility Presentation Reflection

During my credibility presentation, I thought that I did well in looking at the audience to create a more engaging experience rather than looking down reading something most of the time. However, I wish that I improved on having more pauses instead of just rushing through the presentation. I felt confident about my delivery because I addressed clearly why I gave my video credibility by listing them down in sequence, which goes hand in hand with conveying information to the audience. This assignment helped me learn much more about credibility because it showed me that there are many aspects to credibility that I have never taken into consideration beforehand. I feel that I learned more about the ethics of public speaking after researching how to give a good presentation as well as watching others present to observe what techniques they use to create an effective message. For future presentations, I plan to rehearse more and try to create more pauses so that my message can be portrayed more clearly.

Questions for Brian Wiedenmeier

For class I watched two TED talks, one saying that helmets are necessary when bicycling while the other says the opposite. What is your opinion on wearing a helmet when biking?

As Executive Director, what are some subtle techniques that you use to create a more effective speech/presentation?


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