Project 4 Ideas

For project 4, I am considering writing about the Supermarket Street Sweep, which is is an annual bike race that benefits the SF-Marin Food Bank (SFMFB). During this event, hundreds of bikers zip around the city and bring food to the food bank to have it distributed to seniors and adults with disabilities, children and families, and people who are homeless. I am considering talking about this topic because I see many people struggling with no food in the city, and feel as if something should be done about it.


Position on Freedom of Speech

Regarding freedom of speech, I believe that all forms of speech should be tolerated as long as it doesn’t harm other people. Everyone should be able to stand up for what they believe, which most of the time revolves around a moral compass. In the first video my group watched, you can see how the advocacy went against immoral laws such as African Americans not being aloud to sit in the front of a bus. In the first video, we see that Henry David said that you should break these barriers by sticking to your morals, which I completely agree with.

A YouTuber’s voice

When analyzing the linguistics of the YouTuber’s voice in the video I watched, I noticed how he started off with a high and loud voice in order to capture the attention of the audience. During the video, he interviews a famous person. In doing so, he tends to end of his questions with a higher pitch in his voice to emphasize the importance of the question or to get the mind excited of the person being documented. When recording out video, Matt and I tried to change the tones of our voices to emphasize our words and capture the attention of the audience.

Discussion of Video Rehearsals for Project 3

When trying to rehearse for project 3, I had a difficult time outlining my speech as well as formulating my ideas and experiences into words. I feel as if recording myself as practice is much harder than presenting in front of the class, which I guess is the main point of doing so. When recording, I would be conscious of every little detail I would mess up on. Although I had difficulty making rehearsal videos, I am glad that when I presented in front of the class I had a clearer outline in my head (aided by rehearsing) , which resulted in a smooth presentation.

Peer Analysis Post for Project 3

My favorite presentations from project 3 were the ones who had speakers who seemed very passionate about the communities they were involved with as well as including a slideshow with images to show the audience visually what the community was like as well. For example, the first presentation which was Ciarra’s was both passionate and included a lot of detail which really showed the audience what her community was like. These types of presentations showed me that passion is one of the most important aspects when created a presentation to create a genuine vibe within the room and engaging experience.

Self-Assessment/Reflection for Project 3

During project #3, something that I did well was being able to engage with the audience by comparing the environment we grew up in compared to that of the community I visited. I also liked how I was able to find my comfort zone since I was speaking mainly on experience rather than crystallized knowledge. Something I would have liked to do better was bring up points of information which I had planned previously which created more effect, but slipped my mind when presenting. I feel as if I created more of an impact than intended because I ended up speaking about more personal experiences than intended, which I felt created a more engaging and connected feeling with the audience. I felt as if my delivery was better than that of the previous presentations because I was able to find my comfort zone. In future presentations, I’ll try to think of topics that are more relate-able to my life in order to convey my thoughts more clearly.

Class 10 Blog Post

During Class 10, we talked about different types of communities which made me look back at the type of communities I have been involved with. When partnering up with Olivia to talk about the types of communities we were involved with, it was interesting to hear about the community she was raised in as well as her theater community which she seemed extremely passionate about. When it was my turn, I talked about my high school community track and field which I participated in for three years and dedicated most of my time towards.

Class 9 Blog Post

One of the most interesting parts of class 9 was meeting Mark and discussing the JUMP bike. I was very curious as to how the system of the bikes worked regarding leaving it off at certain places that aren’t charging stations as well as how the company was built from the ground up. It was my first time heading how a business was made, from it starting as an idea to going through many obstacles to get the city to approve of it as well as finding support from outside sources. It showed me how much ambition and grit must be put into an idea for it to become a success, which can be applied to many other aspects of life. Riding the JUMP bike was an interesting experience because it was my first time riding a bike with many components of technology embedded into it, especially the sudden assisted boost you get from peddling fast.

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Sources for Post 3

The sources I used for project 3 are from personal experience when visiting the Philippines. I was able to indulge myself into a group of people who were the same age as me but born and raised in a completely different setting than the typical ones we see here in America.

Write-Out for Project 3

Hi guys my names justin and for my presentation on community I want to talk about a community i was exposed to 6 years ago when I went to the philippines. This community was a group of individuals who at the time were the same age as me (12 years old) who lived in a small city called Dapitan which is located in the southern part of the philippines.


So basically when I went to this city, word spread around super fast that a person from America was in town because it was very rare for a foreigner to come to this city. That being the case, a bunch of kids came to the house I was staying at and introduced themselves and from thereon out for the next week they would come over every single day after school.   


The reason why I wanted to talk about this community is because it being one from a 3rd world country, it was an extremely strong eye opening experience associating with people from a completely different lifestyle than the one we are exposed to here in America.


Within this group of people and almost all the other people at this age, they were very secluded to technology compared to the amount we have here in America.

With that being said, they seemed like masters at socialization.

They had no phones to distract them.

They would talk to me anything and everything. They had a genuine passion to get to who I was which is something i don’t see often here


Aside from coming by the house after school they would take me around the city (the ways they got around were either walking or biking) and even invited me to attend their school for one day.


Overall, visiting this part of the Philippines and becoming involved with the community was an eye opening and humbling experience because it taught me how much lifestyles can be in another part of the world and how affectionate an entire grand interconnected a group of people can be when secluded from the distractions of social media and other forms of technology.