Class 15

During Class 15 we all gave our presentations on types of activism as well as events that support the greater good. This class is probably one of the most memorable since it was our last class together, and it was kinda sad departing knowing that this was the people in this class were pretty much the first people I really got to know in college besides by roommates since we were forced to speak with one another.

Class 13

During Class 13, we talked about what advocacy why and why it is an important occurrence in the world. We were divided into groups, and my group looked at a video on advocacy showing specific activists such as Rosa Parks and Ganhi, who have made extreme impacts on the world. Through the video we watched, I learned that activism is relevant in almost all countries because there are  always laws that do not fit with moral standards. Activism is one of the only ways to break through these laws.Image result for important activists gandhi

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Class 12 Post

During Class 12 we received a visit from Krista Schnell. She gave a presentation to us on data visualization and it can be formatted in various ways to convey information clearly and effectively. I especially liked her data on gun usage because it the page was clearly formatted, really helped visualize the ratio between events, and also had a clear message. The wiki one was cool, which was an example of data visualization that showed tons of data.Related image

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Class 11 Post

During Class 11, we talked about how voice plays a large role in a presentation/speech. It can create both a sense of credibility, capture the attention of the audience, keep them engaged, and emphasize important points. In class we had to watch a YouTube video and analyze the voice of the YouTuber.  In the video I watched, I noticed how an interviewer starts off very loud to capture the attention of his audience, and also fluctuates his voice to create a more engaging feeling with the audience, which is what Matt and I tried to replicate in our video where we had to imitate the voice of a YouTuber. Image result for voice during a presentation

Discussion of Sources for Project 4

For Project 4 on the Supermarket Street Sweep, I used The Sweep’s website to gain more information, as well as the SF/Marin Food banks website. The information I gathered form these was the outline of the event as well as how the event benefits those in need of the food that the event brings. I was also able to email Jenny Oh Hatfield who was the original founder of The Sweep in order to gain more insight on the inspiration behind the creation of the sweep as well as where it can head in the future.

Individual Conference Post for Project 4

During my conference for Proj 4, Prof and I discussed the Supermarket Street Sweep. We discussed why I chose to do the event, and Prof Hunt told me how he liked the idea and showed lots of interest in the event itself (he even knew on of the founders). We talked about how I should gather more information on the event that wasn’t just posted on their site, so he gave me the founders email as well as the number of one of the events committed participants. I was able to use this email to gain more insight on the background of the event through this. We also discussed what I think I’ve improved on as a public speaker, as well as what I would like to continue improving on, which was speaking infront of strangers- the conclusion coming down to really knowing your topic and keeping your audience interested.

Arrangement/ Outline Proj 4

Introduction of Supermarket Street Sweep

Define the sweep:

-Cupids Span to SF/Marin Food Bank

-How it was founded to who it is founded by today

Talk about benefits of The Sweep

-Why I chose to talk about this event

-Who does the sweep benefit

-How some people go to the full extent of traveling with goods

Interview with Jenny Oh Hatfield

-Her inspiration, passions, keys to speaking, and future of the sweep

Proj 4 Write Out

Hi Guys my names Justin Hannen and for my 4th project i would like to talk about an event called the supermarket sweep


What is the supermarket street sweep- Aka “the sweep?

The sweep is an annual bike race that takes places here in san francisco, where bikers zoom to various supermarkets markets in order to gather food to drop off to SF Marin Food bank, which takes about 4-5 hours


It was created in 2005 by a group founded by Jenny Oh Hatfield, then was later taken over by The San Francisco Cycling Club in 2015


Who does it benefit?

I chose to do my project on this event because when communting i see may homeless people in need of nourishment, and this event is something that benefits this cause

According to the street sweeps website, 1in 4 people in SF and Marin are prone to food insecurity, most commonly


Disabled adults

children and families

Homeless people .


The SF-Marin Foodbank serves around 147,000 each week, the street sweep being one of factors that contributes to this.


Jenny Oh Hatfield

I asked Jenny serveral questions in order to gain more insight about the event

Project 4 Peer Assesment

I liked how both Aaron and Olivia were both able to really engage with the audience during project 4 by presenting aspects of their personal lives. By speaking about these personal aspects, it made their presentations much more effective and gave them way more meaning-giving them mad respect as public speakers. As for the class overall, I feel as if everyone grew in terms of relating their topics to their personal lives as well as using strong visuals- both of which are factors that weren’t really seen at the beginning of the year.

Project 4 Self Assesment

During Project 4, I feel as I have achieved most of my goals as a public speaker. I learned how to really research a topic and fully understand it to make sure I am comfortable when speaking, which is what Jenny Oh Hatfield (The person who founded the supermarket Street Sweep) said was a key to public speaking. I have also implemented more hand gestures as well as disconnectedness with personal experiences which creates a more engaging experience with the audience. Overall, I have become proud of myself as a speaker compared to how I presented prior to this class.