In-Class Audience Response

In my opinion, I think that audience does matter to me. I know that when I am presenting that I want an audience that is able to relate or connect to my topic that I am talking about. The types of audiences that I would want to present to are ones that non-hostile and relatable to my topic. I think that some difficulties with audience might be not being able to grasp interest or not present correctly which disengages them from my presentation. Audience plays a role in how well your speech is. They determine how well you did. Even from some of the books we read in class and presented to the class, I saw that most books had the same advice. Their advice for gaining audiences attention is being able to be vulnerable and building relationships. Sharing experiences and stories allows you to engage and connect with the audience. Doing merely that makes it difficult for the audience to disengage after being personal.

S2: Rehearsals

Practice 1:

In this video, I looked at my write out for most of it. I tried to get all my points I had to make in my speech and tried to observe the time I was taking.

Practice 2:

In my second practice, I tried looking more at my screen and noticed I remembered what to transition to next. I think I did not really need the write out there but used it more for safety so I knew I was making my next point.

Practice 3:

In this final video, I tried not looking at my notes as much. I saw that I improvised a little if I forgot something in my notes. I also saw that I only used my write out to state my data and evidence within my speech.

Presentation #2 Self Reflection

After presenting my second speech, I feel like one thing I did well was getting more information about the topic. I feel with my first speech it ended sounding kind of incomplete which with this I was easier to find all the information I needed on the topic because it was so recent. One thing I would have wanted to do better was to not have sounded so repetitive. I think that  during my speech I lost track of where I was which caused me to repeat some of my facts. I think I also confused my audience with my information regarding the different organizations and associations.Other than repeating myself, I believe that I conveyed the information to the audience. I think that my delivery was okay but I know there is a lot of room for improvement. I did recognize that I was able to use my own evidence in my speech and relate it to the issue going on in the Panhandle. I know that I have learned a lot about public speaking, especially with our class discussions and even looking at how my fellow classmates present. But I know I have a ways to go before I can be confident in what I present. For future presentations, I want to practice my speech more and go to the speaking center more to review some mistakes or improvements.

Speaking Center Visit-S2

I went to the speaking center before my speech on evidence. I think that it was really helpful. In my meeting I talked mostly about where I could potentially go with my speech. The coach showed me helpful tools and tips that can aid in my research for evidence. We also talked a little about visual aids and appearances of powerpoint for speeches. Though I did not present my speech, I know that next time I want to have my speech prepared because they have many helpful inputs on various things regarding speeches and presentations. I am definitely going to visit a few times for my future speeches.


I. Panhandle


B.Collect Data

II. Controversy

A. Bikes, Pedestrians, Drivers

III. Map of Panhandle

A. Look at streets

B. Issue with Multi-use path

IV. Problem

A. Bikes

i.Slowing down

ii. Commuters

V. Panhandle Residents Organization

A. Introduced Idea

i. Add protected bike lane

B. North Panhandle Neighborhood Association

i. Conducted survey

ii. 70% in support


VI. Benefits

A. Cyclists

i.Aids commuters

ii.Aids walkers or casual bystanders in Panhandle

iii.Data collected

VII. Trade-offs



VIII. How to make voice heard

A. Sign petitions

i. Participate in surveys

Write Out-S2

Today I am going to talk a little about the Panhandle. So as most of us know last week we took a trip to the Panhandle to observe and collect evidence.Before I mention more about that I am going to talk more about the controversy with cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers regarding the Panhandle.

As you can see from here there path coming from Fell that lead into the Panhandle and runs into the multi-path. In the Panhandle, cyclists have trouble with the multi-use path. Sharing amongst many different users, for example joggers and walkers, causes cyclists to slow down and unable to ride at speed that allows them to get to their final destination.

With this current situation, the Panhandle Residents Organization started asking local residents if they would like parking-protected bike lanes added to Fell and Oak.

The North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association did the survey and out of the 700 responses more than 70% of people were in support of the protected bike lane.

With this data this will show city officials that there is a demand for street improvement.

Data from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency showed trips have grown

2009- 25,730 trips were taken per month

2015- 50,886 trips per month

So with this amount of bikers using the Panhandle, it would be beneficial for cyclists who are trying to travel and beneficial for residents using paths who do not want to be disturbed by fast speeding cyclists. The multi-path in the Panhandle will be primarily used by walkers, joggers, and casual bike riders. It will also relieve a lot of cycling traffic.

The data i collected at the Panhandle within the 15 minute span was 118 cyclists and about 50 walkers and joggers. So imagining that the amount of cyclists within a day is probably more that thousands.

Though there are many benefits, adding a protected bike lane comes with its tradeoffs. So one would be that the project would cost between 1.6 to 3.9 million. The other would be that it would cut out 75 of 280 unmarked parking spaces on both south  and north edges for turning lanes.

Although there is another survey being conducted specifically for neighbors that might be problematic because they are opposed to bike lanes and do not want to lose any more parking that is necessary.

Bike Helmets TED Talks: Pro and Con

After watching the TED Talk videos, I see that evidence is clearly used within the presentations. Mikael Colville used lots of evidence in his presentation to prove that helmets are chasing people away from riding bikes. He gave statistics about how people are more inclined towards motor vechciles due to the promotion of helmets by brands and legislation. He also made interesting points that more accidents occur when people wear helmets rather than without. He even stated occurring to research that pedestrians have a higher rte of injuring themselves on cement sidewalks compared to cyclists.

However with Fred Rivara’s TED Talk, he talked about how helmets are essential for bicyclists. That promotion really helped increase helmet wear for cyclists. He gave a lot of statistics on how half a million bicyclists accidents are reported in the hospital. Especially with brain injuries, lots of minor damage can be prevented by the wear of a helmet.

I think both presenters make good points on either side. The evidence they presented were valid and convincing of their opinion on the wear of helmets. I see how evidence in a presentation gives creditability to yourself and also to your point or side you are trying defend/support.

My First Bike

When I was younger, I was surrounded by friends who had their own bike and knew how to ride without the training wheels. I remember always being jealous of my friends, who were able to go out on their own and ride wherever they wanted. I know that I was about 10 when I wanted to get my own bike and ride with my friends. Fortuneally at the time, I was living in San Diego and I lived no more than a block away from a bike shop. Whenever my mom and I would go on our walks, we would always past by. I saw one specific bike that I could not stop thinking about. It was a baby blue bike with Hawaiian flowers on the bar right under the handle bars. Right when my mom teaches me to ride, I went everywhere around my neighborhood. When I grew out of it, my sister was the next to learn on it and now my baby sister wants to ride too.

(Not my actual bike but very similar)

Presentation #1 Self-Reflection

After presenting, I feel like the one thing I did well was sounding informed about that content I was iterating. One thing that I would have wanted to do better was not sound so rushed. I feel that when I was talking I was talking to fast where some might have not followed what I was presenting. I believe I conveyed my information to the audience how I wanted and wish that I was able to have gotten more information regarding the app specifically that I was referring to in the presentation. I think that my delivery was fine but I know that there is probably areas that I can work on for future presentations. I did recognize when conducting research about my topic that I was able to identify creditability in myself considering the classes that I am taking currently. I think I have learned about the ethics of public speaking but need to practice them more. For future presentations, I want to prepare more in advanced and feel more comfortable speaking my information. I defiantly felt better about speaking after recording several practice videos. I think doing that a few days in advance will help me in the future be more comfortable speaking.

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