Presentation #1 Self-Reflection

After presenting, I feel like the one thing I did well was sounding informed about that content I was iterating. One thing that I would have wanted to do better was not sound so rushed. I feel that when I was talking I was talking to fast where some might have not followed what I was presenting. I believe I conveyed my information to the audience how I wanted and wish that I was able to have gotten more information regarding the app specifically that I was referring to in the presentation. I think that my delivery was fine but I know that there is probably areas that I can work on for future presentations. I did recognize when conducting research about my topic that I was able to identify creditability in myself considering the classes that I am taking currently. I think I have learned about the ethics of public speaking but need to practice them more. For future presentations, I want to prepare more in advanced and feel more comfortable speaking my information. I defiantly felt better about speaking after recording several practice videos. I think doing that a few days in advance will help me in the future be more comfortable speaking.

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  1. Jonathan Hunt
    February 16, 2017 at 9:19 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you Natalia! I did not have the impression that you were rushing. More detailed comments to come soon.


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