The Value of an Authentic Audience

This article talks about the importance of creating an authentic audience for students. This can be for any assignment students do, essays, projects, and even math problems. As a teacher, is it useful for, when creating any type of assignment for students, to have an audience in mind that the students can actually present their information to and it can be of use to them. This can be for a wide range of audiences, from the students’ families to showcase their work to the school board to share the students’ essays on why they believe the school should get a new playground. Common Core does agree with the value of having an authentic audience and creating that and a purpose with each assignment.

There is a wide range of ways teachers can create actual authentic audiences for their students’ work. Families and members of the students’ community are great options to showcase their work, as it connects them locally and can get those locals to come to the school or set up a field trip to go somewhere that relates to the purpose of their work. Technology can have a huge influence on getting an authentic audience from people that the teacher and students do not know. If the teacher has a specific audience in mind, they can use technology by reaching out to them on their website or on Twitter in search of an expert.┬áHaving an authentic audience for students can help them feel as if the work they do in the classroom has a purpose and value. It gives them a sense of connection to the real world and brings the people in that community into the classroom to be reminded of the important work that is done in the schools.


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