February 5, 2018

Summary to Hector Bustos’ Response

Hector explains the contrast that Cadogan goes over in his essay, “Black and Blue”, between the streets of Jamaica and the U.S. In his response, he points out that the streets were much more dangerous in Kingston, he was facisnated by them because of the peace he felt on them. He argues that as a child, Cadogan did not stand out and was not viewed as dangerous in Kingston because the majority of the population was black. However, in America he had to be more careful about his actions to make sure he wasn’t seen as a threat. His response argued that there are huge amounts of  prejudice that people face in America just because of his skin color. Hector also believes social class is not an easy subject to talk about because it divides people by how much they make as well as by race, but pop culture helps to get people talking.



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