February 7, 2018

Audio Essay Discussion

The purpose of this essay is to record a short audio essay (with music) about our experiences with the topics covered in class, such as identity, culture and racial stereotypes, that have shaped our lives in a significant way. This essay will give us a chance to reflect on our culture, help others learn about us, as well as give us more experience with digital media. It should be compelling to others and provide insight to you as a human. The music involved should match the feeling/mood of the story and bring out the message of your story. I think this will be a challenging part for me because there is so much music out there that could be a match for my story, so I’m going to take a long time trying to search for the best representation. I’ll have to wait until I know what story I’m going to tell in order to narrow down my search for music. Overall, this seems like an interesting first essay, so I am looking forward to it more than if it were a regular essay.


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