January 26 ,2018

Meaning of name assignment:

My name is Brandon Wong and there is some history behind the first and last name. The first part of my name in the European country refers to being brave or freedom seeking. The last name derived from Chinese, meaning king. This draws the conclusion that I’m some sort of brave king, and I’m not sure why it was given to me .

I don’t think I was ever embarrassed by my name, considering there were many people with the same name in the schools I went to. I was able to assimilate with the group of people that I have met over the years, in addition to getting along with new people.  This, however made me a little disappointed by the fact that I was someone who could easily be found, or there was someone else who could just be like me in the world, seeing as how common my name was. I eventually came around to the notion that everyone can make it in the world, in addition to  you having  to strive to make yourself known and unique.

I have never decided to change my name or adopt a new one since I believe that my name is fine as it is. There is constantly a thought in my head that my name should’ve been something shorter, but nowhere close to when I want to alter it for the rest of my life.

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