Feb. 26, 2017

Foods in culture:

When most people think about an Asian an the food from their culture, they would associate the group of people with rice in addition to the assortment of meats and vegetables to follow. This of course proves semi- correct, seeing as I am a person who embodies the need to consume rice on the daily, whether I think I want to or not. The cultural impact that Chinese and other Asian foods have on modern society mainly falls upon the stereotype being perpetuated when people bring them up in conversations. From fried rice to beef and broccoli, these foods have been ingrained as “authentic” in society with the actual food that people from that culture eat being swept under the rug. The representation of Chinese food therefore is irrelevant with the rise of stereotypes and the people who follow them are not looking deeper than they need to.

On the other hand, the stereotype  surrounding the eating habits of Chinese people adds to the fire of those aforementioned stereotypes. Nuiances such as eating with chopsticks contributes to illustrating Chinese people as individuals who harbor  the will to appear unique, while disregarding others for what their culture would bring to the table. This unfortunately is where the lines have been drawn in modern society, with no visible change being made to stop the generalization of a group of people who coexist with others in our communities.

Feb. 21, 2018

Tokenized blog:

When people tend to meet me for the first time, they naturally assume that I am of Asian descent, which they are right. While this may seem harmless as a result, this has perpetuated the ongoing stereotypes that surround my nationality. Through the years, people tend to throw these stereotypes around to gain a laugh or chuckle, but they don’t realize the harm it brings upon the person who is the target of their jokes. Of course most people decidedly brush it off, but that’s one reason why there is violence among nationalities in modern society. What’s being said and done are attributed to two different things, while people tend to swat away anything that shouldn’t be treated seriously, but in reality the wound inflicted is deeper than what most people realize.

In my experiences, my behavior and actions have fallen in line with some assumptions that people have made, but look deeper and you can get a glimpse of the entire person. The conclusions they draw may seem benign, however, this reinforces others to do the same and perpetuate that into the future. The stereotypes were obviously inaccurate in some instances, and when they were, I chose to brush them off and move on, despite not making a change with the voice I had towards those people. Conclusively, these people and many others like them hopefully have realized their mistakes, in addition to striving for a better interaction the next time they meet someone.

Feb. 16, 2018

APA references task:

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Feb. 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch:

My audio essay would probably be about the triumph and trials that I had in my experience with reading. Reading of course is something that is required for every student  to master over their academic career, but reading has always had me by the hand from the start of my school days. While reading throughout my career, I learned a lot of new concepts and events that have shifted my world view from that of innocence to that of cynicism and pessimism. However, the conflict would come when I would be discouraged to not read anymore with the more challenging material handed to me as I went from middle to high school. During the course of those years, I was discouraged due to the fact that people everywhere were able to read more complex material and keep up with the class readings, while I was faltering ans dragging  in the back. This all changed when I read a book in my sophomore year of high school that rejuvenated my passion for reading again.

The way that my pitch would develop the ideas is by going in a chronological order from the start of me reading to the point where I reignited the passion from my childhood I had for books. The tension in the story is when I would struggle to cope with reading due to the escalating material needed to keep up with he class and how it affected me as a person. These string of events enlightened me in all aspects of life, from where  I was expected to be to where I could be in society. The cultural aspect comes into play in the commentary of our educational system and the ways our country manages to develop the next generation of individuals who will contribute to society.


February 7, 2018

The audio essay that is going to be due in the coming weeks has the expectation that I will be able to learn new ways to interact with digital media and share my story with not her and rope within my class. With the objectives laid out, I believe that I won’t have that much trouble editing the sound and voices that will be incorporated into this project. The software that will be used in this project is easy to manipulate, which I believe will be more than enough for me to achieve the level of success needed for this class. On the other hand, some challenges I would face would be along the lines of finding something ximpelling to discuss in my essay. There aren’t many particular events in my life that I would deem unique enough to put on an essay, but I can try and find something that would appeal to the masses. In addition, I could refer to friends and experiences that they’ve remembered being with me in and gain a new experience from there. Some questions that I have concerning this project would be about the finished product in general. I wonder if the grading criteria would be lenient enough to constitute what “good” is and how my essay stacks up to those standards.

February 5, 2018

Summary response to Madison Martin’s post:

In Madison’s post, she points out how individuals today would flock to people who they find similar in mind or skin and the racial tensions that are escalating today. She further conveys the connection to people of similar raves by noting the ancestry that flows through people that interact on a daily basis. With the escalating racial tensions, people try to find new ways to change with the evolution of technology and how they cope with the ever changing society. With all that’s was said , Madison believes that we as individuals shouldn’t trail from the path that has been set, but instead return to it to prevent any more changes to what has already occurred.