February 7, 2018

The audio essay that is going to be due in the coming weeks has the expectation that I will be able to learn new ways to interact with digital media and share my story with not her and rope within my class. With the objectives laid out, I believe that I won’t have that much trouble editing the sound and voices that will be incorporated into this project. The software that will be used in this project is easy to manipulate, which I believe will be more than enough for me to achieve the level of success needed for this class. On the other hand, some challenges I would face would be along the lines of finding something ximpelling to discuss in my essay. There aren’t many particular events in my life that I would deem unique enough to put on an essay, but I can try and find something that would appeal to the masses. In addition, I could refer to friends and experiences that they’ve remembered being with me in and gain a new experience from there. Some questions that I have concerning this project would be about the finished product in general. I wonder if the grading criteria would be lenient enough to constitute what “good” is and how my essay stacks up to those standards.

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