Feb. 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch:

My audio essay would probably be about the triumph and trials that I had in my experience with reading. Reading of course is something that is required for every student  to master over their academic career, but reading has always had me by the hand from the start of my school days. While reading throughout my career, I learned a lot of new concepts and events that have shifted my world view from that of innocence to that of cynicism and pessimism. However, the conflict would come when I would be discouraged to not read anymore with the more challenging material handed to me as I went from middle to high school. During the course of those years, I was discouraged due to the fact that people everywhere were able to read more complex material and keep up with the class readings, while I was faltering ans dragging  in the back. This all changed when I read a book in my sophomore year of high school that rejuvenated my passion for reading again.

The way that my pitch would develop the ideas is by going in a chronological order from the start of me reading to the point where I reignited the passion from my childhood I had for books. The tension in the story is when I would struggle to cope with reading due to the escalating material needed to keep up with he class and how it affected me as a person. These string of events enlightened me in all aspects of life, from where  I was expected to be to where I could be in society. The cultural aspect comes into play in the commentary of our educational system and the ways our country manages to develop the next generation of individuals who will contribute to society.


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