March 9, 2018

Controversial topic:

The topic that I chose to write about discusses the issue of whether social networking is a good or bad thing. While examining the texts from Wikipedia, there are compelling cases for both sides of the issue, ranging from support from friends and families on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc… However, the same platform can be used to defile antagonize and harm people from a distance. The issue of whether or not social networking falls under good or bad is an entirely subjective discussion, depending on which points you choose to support your thoughts. The term of social networking has also been highly debated for its ambiguous definition, and the need to narrow it down has proved to be troublesome. Such as the case with the evolving definition encompassing the range of anything that brings people together online, with the ability to edit their profile and connect with others. The loophole in this situation going against why the social network(s) in question are bad would be pointed at a private site where people of similar taste would bond over questionably moral concepts. The opposite could be said for the uplifting positive side that follows with useful and helpful organizations where people benefit from using them. Overall the question debating over how social networking is good or bad can be tilted on either side.

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