Field Journal #1 — Baltimore Canyon

Baltimore Canyon contained many small trails off a fire road which went from a mountainous terrain with cleared niches, down to a riparian terrain. Many of the species observed were found throughout our trek intermingled with various non-native spp. Few deciduous spp. were observed and many plants were still green with a majority of them not in a blooming season.

Polystichum munitum | Western sword fern

Habit: Shrub-like
Leaf: Compound, alternate, dentate/denticulate, even 1-pinnate pinna, narrow acute parallel, truncated fused
Repro: Scora/indusium, two lines per pinnule underside
Location: Immediately off the path, grew fronds in clusters by the open/clear areas in shade

Acacia melanoxylon | Blackwood acacia

Habit: Shrub, small tree, evergreen
Leaf: Alternate, entire, narrowly acute, parralel, elliptic,
Repro: Axillary buds, inflorescence full umbel, many small flowers,
Location: Immediately off path, in open/clear areas, exposed to frequent light

Scoliopus bigelovii | Slink pod

Habit: Herbaceous, small bud like, ground proximal
Leaf: Alternate, bud-like structure, no observable stem, entire, parallel, broadly acute, spotted,
Repro: Dioecious, special stems for seeds (grow down into soil), rotate bell-shaped, tepals, groups of 3
Location: Immediately off path, close to ground, in semi shaded areas, amongst detritus

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