October 11th, 2017


I agree with Amber Floyd (2015) when she says that, “…the Dream Act [should] be passed and become [a] law” (p. 190). She brings up that most children don’t figure out that they’re undocumented until they attempt to get a driver’s license, get a state I.D., or attend college. This seems to be common within reality. Families move from another country to America to find this “American Dream”. Although the parents know that their undocumented, sometimes children do not. I’ve had a few friends who were (and possibly still are) undocumented. I’m not sure if they knew this before they came to America, but if they didn’t and they got deported, then what? What would happen when or if ICE figures out that they’re undocumented? This is a reason why the Dream Act is necessary. Undocumented children should be give an opportunity for an education.




Floyd, A. (2015). A “dream” deferred: An exploration of the scarlet title “undocumented”.
In D. Holler (Ed.), Writing for a Real World: A multidisciplinary anthology by
     USF students (pp. 180-191). San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco.

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