Oct.11th In class writing

The introduction of the essay basically talks about that the author stated to explore and research on immigrants’ laws because of her boyfriend’s sister can not able to pay for her college due to the lack of citizen. I think it is important for people to get higher education. As the author said, “it does serve to prove that those who do demonstrate determination, motivation, and initiative should not be denied access to higher education as a result of being labeled with the status of undocumented”(p.182). No matter immigrants has their documents of citizenships, it cannot be the reason that the country do not let them go to the school.



Floyd, A.(2015). A “Dream”Deferred: An Exploration of the Scarlet Title”Undocumented”.

In D. Holler(Ed.), Writing for a Real World: A multidisciplinary anthology by USF students            (pp.182-191). BR Printing, CA: San Francisco,  University of San Francisco.



  1. Solange posed for the picture; the feather on her antique hat framing her face; she found the waist and collar of the dress a little confining.
  2. Before Benjamin applied for a job at Datacorp, he researched the company at the library, and he wanted to be well prepared for the interview.
  3. Waiting for the tour bus, the family shivered on the windy corner, and they had excepted warmer weather on their summer vacation.
  4. Leland’s motorcycle is his prized possession, but he had to sell it to pay his college tuition.
  5. Because Olivia had never been surfing, so she took lessons she felt ready to tackle the waves.
  6. Paolo has thinning hair, glasses, and stooped shoulders; everyone thinks he is a librarian, but he is meteorologist at an Antarctic research station.
  7. Toni gives her son a generous allowance and does not except any help around the house from him. Toni’s brother excepts his children to do chores if they want spending money.
  8. Dark clouds gather overhead, while trees toss in the wind, but rain does not fall.
  9. Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents, so she made it her responsibility to take her younger brother and sister to school.
  10. Using a sharp jerk of his wrist, Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet; and his uncle taught him this trick when Simon was a child.

Sep. 18 in class writing

My Chinese full name is Jinxin Kong. In Chinese, “Jin” means gold and “Xin” means when the sun rise up. I think my parents gave me this name because they want me have a bright and shiny future in my life. I don’t think I ever embarrassed by my name, but people usually write wrong characters about my name. I had changed my name once before I went to school. The form of the name changed but the pronunciation is still the same. The reason is that my parents thought it is too complex for me to write my name. And I think the changed name is better.


Sep.8.2017 in class writing

I think the word “interesting” can be taken either way, both positive and negative. When you say something is very interesting, you can mean it positive which said the things are attractive to people. But sometimes when people say “you look interesting”, it contains the negative connotations. What they are saying is that you are look different with others, it is more ironic. And now, when people said “interesting”, it is more different.


Free writing

came from China, international student, primary language is Chinese. This is my fifth year came to US. speaking English had been a big problem in my life. My literacy level is getting improved by practicing everyday. I was trying to do more english related things daily to make improvement. Chinese and english are quite different. literacy is about the ability to read, write and speak.



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