Self Reflection

I was glad that my speech was smooth and informative, but I was somewhat disappointed in my presentation. I tried to come up with a strong hook and closing, but the transitions into them were choppier than I wanted them to be. This is because I added more content during my speech than I had originally intended which messed with the fluidity.  Although less smooth than intended, I was glad that I had a stronger conclusion than my first speech. I also felt that my hook grabbed the attention of my audience better than hook of my first speech. I felt more confident giving this speech and felt that my tone of voice was more appealing and upbeat than usual, which I was really glad about. The way I wrote out my speech was also far more efficient than the way I wrote out my speech the first time. For my first speech, I wrote the entire thing in paragraph form which made it very difficult to follow along with. For my second speech, I used bullet points which allowed me to read it faster and speak more efficient. I was overall very happy with performance and hope to improve for my next speech.

Discussion of video rehearsals 2

My rehearsals for speech two went much smoother than the rehearsals for speech one. I was much less invested in making sure I was able to record my videos word for word and instead focused on my content. I recorded my first video right after I finished writing my speech. Before I pressed record, I made sure to read over the entirety of the speech to make sure I phrased everything correctly and knew what I was going to be talking about. I then set my phone up against my laptop and red the speech. I tried not to read it word for word since I would not be presenting it like this for my actual speech. I would read the opening sentence, speak from memory, and then recite the quotes. I did not rehearse the other two speeches until the next day because I wanted to reread my work and change any other small mistakes. When recording my next two videos, I changed the wording of some sentences which made the speech less smooth, but it was decent overall.

Discussion of Sources for project 2

For this speech, I compared two different articles trying to sell food bikes to the general public. One article was written by the Icicle Tricycle, a company that designs and manufactures  food bikes to vendors. The other was written by National Public Radio on how food bikes are the newest and most efficient way to buy food. Although they both discussed the same topic and wrote with the same positive vibe, both displayed the food bike in a different way. The creators of the Icicle Tricycle mentioned many positive aspects of the food bike, but they let the pictures of the product do all of the talking. They brought up major points, such as its cost effectiveness and ecofriendly traits, but they failed to use stats and quotes from happy customers to sell their product. The National Public Radio incorporated more physical evidence, like statistics, more than a dozen quotes from customs, and pictures taken by the authors themselves. They were both very informative and easy to work with and they each offered a variety of information.

Individual Conference Post 1

My first conference with Professor Hunt was actually very helpful. I remember being very indecisive as to what I wanted to write about, whether it be about health in relation to bicycles or biking in a specific location. I finally decided to write about biking in the Netherlands and how it is a big aspect of Dutch culture. I was unsure of what I exactly had to write about, but speaking with the professor at the meeting clarified what I was suppose to write on, how I was suppose to write it, and what he was looking for. I originally was just going to compare the video’s facts with my own personal experiences, but I found out I was specifically looking for whether or not the video was credible. I was able to sit down and better plan out my essay and accurately structure it.

Discussion of sources for P1

For project one, I only used a youtube video created by the popular channel How to Survive the Dutch and my own personal experiences. The theme of my speech was bike culture in the Netherlands and I had to prove as to whether or not the video accurately depicted it. I used my personal experiences, although somewhat limited, to prove that the video was credible. Unfortunately, the two did not go hand in hand and the video was proved not credible. This was not only because our experiences differed, the video was overall very satirical and failed to show where it received its facts. I had spent about an hour looking for the video that best displayed bike culture in the Netherlands, and unfortunately many of them only focused on the historical aspect instead of the physical. I was quite pleased when I stumbled upon this video, only to find it was completely satirical and criticized the Dutch and American tourists.

Class Post 7

I thought class on Tuesday was my favorite so far. I loved riding through Market, almost getting lost in the city, and riding a total of 12 miles! Humphry’s ice cream was amazing and totally worth the ride. I will definitely be visiting their again! I think my favorite part of class was riding down to UCSF alongside all the piers. I have only ever been to the piers on Fisherman’s Wharf, which have a touristy feel to them. But riding down the more secluded areas was amazing and I would love to do it again. Listening to Dr. Bauer speak was also very interesting. I never thought I would be interested in osteoporosis and its connection to cycling, but he made it sound very intriguing. He was a very good speaker and he made me want to listen to his thesis even more. I have just emailed him with a few questions and hopefully he gets back to me soon.

Discussion of video rehearsal

For my first video rehearsal, I first start off by writing my speech in paragraph form or in detailed bullet points. Then I read it over a few times so I get gist of what I am going to speak about. I propped my phone up on my laptop and pull up my speech. I then read my speech off and record myself speaking a total of three times. It was very difficult the first few times I recorded myself because I kept stumbling over the same sentence, causing me to stop and rerecord video. I learned for my next video that the recordings do not have to be perfect. It is ok if I stumble on a few words or make a few mistakes. I also learned that it is better to take time in between each take. I tried to record the videos right after one another and I just became tired and frustrated since I kept trying to rush through all three.

Class 9/26

Although I missed riding my bike, enjoyed the mellow class period. It was nice to escape the heat and finishing working on our posters in the library. I was really impressed with everyone’s data and that they were able to replicate their posters in such short amounts of time. Riding in the circle and giving everyone positive feedback was also really fun. I enjoyed that and I thought it was different in a good way!

Homework post

I thought the videos of San Francisco were actually really cool! I tried to compare what San Francisco looked like in the 20th century to what it looks like today. Surprisingly, it didn’t look as different as I expected, there were just less cars and smaller buildings. Also, pertaining to the podcast, I believe that it would be very ecofriendly and beneficial to the environment if we made Market St. private car free, but I think it would be nearly impossible to do today. Seeing as Market St. is already a major street for cars and buses, the construction would make driving through the main areas of San Francisco impossible. It would also take longer for people to get around since they would be forced to drive around market instead of through it.

Bauer vs. Pubmed

One of the key differences between Pubmed and Bauer is that Bauer gets more personal with his explanations. Pubmed has listed a lot of medical facts and statistics that may be useful in some situations, but Dr. Bauer writes for the common person with osteoporosis. He adds his opinions and observations and adds instruction as to what people should do and what they can do to prevent osteoporosis. He is more in detail with symptoms and although he speaks professionally, he is more colloquial than Pubmed. While Bauer is more user friendly, Pubmed caters to those with more background in this field.

When do symptoms of osteoporosis begin to set in for non-bikers compared to bikers?

Are there other physical activities that can lessen the risk of osteoporosis?