Discussion of video rehearsals 2

My rehearsals for speech two went much smoother than the rehearsals for speech one. I was much less invested in making sure I was able to record my videos word for word and instead focused on my content. I recorded my first video right after I finished writing my speech. Before I pressed record, I made sure to read over the entirety of the speech to make sure I phrased everything correctly and knew what I was going to be talking about. I then set my phone up against my laptop and red the speech. I tried not to read it word for word since I would not be presenting it like this for my actual speech. I would read the opening sentence, speak from memory, and then recite the quotes. I did not rehearse the other two speeches until the next day because I wanted to reread my work and change any other small mistakes. When recording my next two videos, I changed the wording of some sentences which made the speech less smooth, but it was decent overall.

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