Self Reflection

I was glad that my speech was smooth and informative, but I was somewhat disappointed in my presentation. I tried to come up with a strong hook and closing, but the transitions into them were choppier than I wanted them to be. This is because I added more content during my speech than I had originally intended which messed with the fluidity.  Although less smooth than intended, I was glad that I had a stronger conclusion than my first speech. I also felt that my hook grabbed the attention of my audience better than hook of my first speech. I felt more confident giving this speech and felt that my tone of voice was more appealing and upbeat than usual, which I was really glad about. The way I wrote out my speech was also far more efficient than the way I wrote out my speech the first time. For my first speech, I wrote the entire thing in paragraph form which made it very difficult to follow along with. For my second speech, I used bullet points which allowed me to read it faster and speak more efficient. I was overall very happy with performance and hope to improve for my next speech.

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