Class Post 9

Mark was probably one of the best speakers we have had in this class. He was incredibly insightful and offered a lot of useful information. The thing that stuck with me most would have to be his advice on working with or starting up a new company. He recommended that we work for a place that relates to our passions and interests. We will do the best work there. He also stated that starting up a company takes times. We should continue to work on our projects for months or years, and then expect to see results. If we continue to push our ideas and work out the kinks, the dream will soon become a reality. I also like his mindset on interacting with businessmen and potential clients. We shouldn’t judge a person’s intelligence or honesty based on their attire. He was very open minded to all people, he was honest in his speaking, and overall very knowledgeable about this product. As for the presentations, I was impressed with what people had to say about the article. Olivia, Aaron, and Remi stated that you must be thoughtful of your audience and consider their ideas. This could potentially make them more interested in your ideas since they believe you are interested in theirs. Mark also reiterated this, saying that gaining trust in your audience is an important part of the networking world.

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